Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Sister's Keeper

 My sister visited last week.
There's a large antique store in town that we enjoy browsing
and she picked up this basket "keeper" for part of my birthday present.

(I said I liked it.
She doesn't just pick out random strange looking things at antique stores.
She says I'm hard to shop for,
so I helped her out.

We do that for each other sometimes.
It's fun.
Do you do that with a friend, too?)

I had an idea for this in my kitchen.

I didn't like the way this picture of our farm from the 50's looked.
I decided I'd rather hang it somewhere else,
so I was trying to think of an idea for something else in this spot.

 My husband's aunt gave us an antique wooden bowl full of old wooden utensils.
It sits up high in my kitchen,
where the utensils couldn't be seen.

 I wanted a way to display some of them.

 I have some glass canning jars with the wire closures and rubber seals.
I don't use them for anything,
so I decided to try to use one of the tops in my wire basket arrangement.

I got the image from The Graphics Fairy.
It is glued in with Gorilla Glue.

 I had some old heavy metal wire,
so I made a loopy flower shaped design and wedged the glass top in it,
so that I'd have a way to hang it.

 I found some heavier plastic from something I bought
and roughly traced the size of the glass lid.

 I then cut it out, and had to trim it way down...

 and then just slid it in place over the picture.
There was no need to glue it.

 I then wired everything into the basket and hung it beside some other antique utensils.

 Nothing is glued
(besides the picture in the glass)
so if I tire of it,
it won't be hard to rearrange.

 I have a small collection of old jars,
so I wired one in it,
put some water in it,
and cut some spider plant babies to ad some greenery.

I like my cooking lady.
She looks like a knowledgeable cook.

Maybe some of her distinguished presence will rub off on me in my kitchen.

 I like the way it transformed this busy corner into something a little more vintage.

Thank you for my wonderful birthday present, Tammy!

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  1. That is awesome! What a great display. Wish I was creative like that! Happy Birthday early :)

  2. I like your cooking lady, too. In fact, I like the whole shebang!


  3. You just have a mind for this stuff!

  4. You are very creative!! I love the arangement!

  5. Tonya, I like that. I like your redecorated blog too. Love you

  6. wonderful project. It looks so nice.

    I really love the farm scenes in your header.

  7. Thank you everyone for your comments. It was fun to create. Thank you for visiting!

  8. Such a cute idea and now the pieces can be enjoyed. Thanks so much for linking up this week.

  9. Love the vintage look! And I totally love the vintage wood kitchen utensils.
    Great job!
    carla louise

  10. What a cute idea! I love all the wooden utensils. :)

  11. My mom collects antiques and her home is beautiful. This is just how she would have done it! It reminds me of her lovely vintage home. Great job! And great gift :)

  12. How special does that look, now you have heirlooms perfectly displayed. Plus a nice arrangement for your wall. Great ideas.

  13. What an eye catcher. It came out really well.

  14. That turned out really cute. A picture of your husband's aunt some how in that grouping would be fun also. thanks for sharing.

  15. beauttiful vintage things,
    love the picture in the glas!

  16. wow...that looks so cool. Who would ever think how incredible you can create something from just looking at a wired tray> Very cool

  17. This is truly lovely! What a fantastic idea :)

    Thank you for sharing....M.

  18. What a wonderful creation you have made. I love the ball glass jar lids with the picture on them. Your blog wall paper is adorable. My first time to drop by. Joining you at Dayle's.

  19. I love the way it all came together. It always amazes me what people with creative minds can come up with. Wish I had more of that.

    Joining from simple pleasures.

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  21. Sorry typo in previous comment grrrrrr..
    Your display of vintage kitchen items is very creative. I especially love the baby spider plant adding a touch of green.

  22. Redecorating a small space ... always a simple pleasure.

  23. What a unique way to use a wire basket. Great idea for displaying so many wonderful vintage utensils. And easy to change up too. I love spider plants but our cat loves to eat them so they never live for long. :/ Best wishes to you and yours, Tammy

  24. What a great design for the basket.. Also nothing like sisters I have been blessed with two wish we all lived close!!

  25. That is a great project, very creative.

  26. Love the changes you made!
    You are one clever lady :-)
    It looks really good and the nostalgic picture goes perfectly with those wonderful wooden utensils.
    joy in Christ..Trish

  27. Such a clever arrangement and wonderful way to display antiques. Please stop by http://lindaoconnell.blogspot.com/

  28. Thanks everybody for stopping by and your nice comments. That is a great idea to put a picture of my aunt in it. I'll have to see if I can make one look antiqued. And, yes, my cats love to eat my spider plants, too. I wonder why. Hopefully, this one will be safe on the wall. :)

  29. Oh! I love this post! Great stuff and what a great redo. So clever to use the jar lid with the photo. Thanks so much for sharing it all with us.

    Happy VTT,

  30. I love this! This is something that I really want to do now...Thank you for the wonderful idea, and I hope it's okay if I try to recreate it.

  31. I really like this display, great idea for the photo and I just love metal baskets, wish I had more.

  32. Such a fun project! Thank you for sharing!

  33. It turned out so cute - the wire makes it a very interesting backdrop for the other treasures.

  34. What a great make over. I love anything made out of wire and hanging on the wall gives it such presence.....very creative!

  35. Hello! I found you through Brag Monday. I love this project! So unique and rustic. I'm a new follower!



  36. You are so ...well'Genius really!!!!

  37. Thank you, everybody! You've all been so great! :)

  38. That looks lovely. I love wire baskets and you put yours to a unique and fun use! Great job.


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