Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Nanny Who Stole His Heart

To my daughter Violet,
I would like to tell you a story.  Sometimes, when you live on your side of things, you don't get to see your parents side.  I know you are the curious type, so I thought I would let you see a bit of my side of things.  Someday, you will head into life and love.  I did.  I want you to have this story.

Once upon a time there was a dark-haired girl with freckles and a nose that turned up on the end
(just a little).
  A child in her heart was she.
  But she grew up and began the task of finding a man suitable to be her prince.
  Doesn't every young girl want a prince?

The dark-haired girl had gone through a time where she was rather like the ugly duckling:
homely and awkward,
but now she'd grown up and felt a change of being a little more pleasant to the eye,
albeit still having the freckles and slightly turned up nose.

She now faced a number of curious men who handed her their qualifications and personal achievements.

She stumbled in perspective with some of these,
traipsing away to walk with them down Disappointment Avenue,
giving pieces of her heart to ones who were not right for her.

  She came back from these trips rather blue and forlorn. 
  It seemed to her that Lover's Lane must only be a road that others were able to find.
Most of her friends had easily found their puzzle-piece perfect princes;
but her heart seemed to only find pain,
uncomfortable first dates,
badly timed or misunderstood situations.
And so,
after one extremely painful and confusing endeavor,
she declared that love in that arena must not be meant for her.

And she truly meant it.

She would seek happiness just as she was
and that

Her sister, a fond proponent of
trying to help her find the right one,
laughed at her decision,
and declared,

"We go to a new church tomorrow
and you will likely meet your Prince Charming there."

So the dark-haired girl with freckles and a slightly turned up nose
walked through the doors of the church,
in a simple Sunday dress
and her square-heeled white shoes she'd worn a few months before in yet another friend's wedding.

There were many men there, of course,
she couldn't help noticing one younger man,
a fine man,
incredibly good-looking,
nice build,
kind eyes.

"He's too good-looking.
He's definitely engaged,
or already married
and not wearing his ring,

he's weird."
(Yes, those seemed to be the results of her life at present.)

Her sister somehow bumped into his mother.


And her sister hurriedly whispered into her
ringing ears:

He's not engaged or married.

he wants to have a farm."

She had to stifle a laugh.
How ridiculous that a man could possess all this and not be married.
What was wrong with him?
(Then she realized that perhaps people wondered the same of her.)

This seemed too right,
too good for someone she hadn't even spoken with.
Their eyes had not even met
and his mother and her sister already had them in discussion.

Who does this happen to?
Is this really real?

Her face felt hot and flushed.
Where was the nearest door?
And yet, the intrigue made her eyes watch him.
He stood in the back,
casually talking with any who came through the door.
His smile was amazing,
although he seemed just a little shy,
at least when her eyes tried to meet his.

She watched as after the service,
he hurried out the back door,
not to his car,
or to hide,
but to the nursery where his sister's baby triplets were being handed out the nursery window.
He was in their midst,
a baby in his arms,
a crying baby,
and he held it
and made it stop.

A single man,
in the same church as she,
soothing a crying baby:

she almost laughed at the absurdity of it.
But what now?
Where to go from here?
This was all unbelievably good to watch:

But now what?

And then his mother told her sister that his sister needed a part-time nanny for these triplets.
And his parents lived in the house on the same property...
and so did he.

Would she be interested in a nanny job?

Yes, this is my story.
This talking in third person is getting me a little confused.
My sister told me I could come spend the night and visit with her every week,
and his sister volunteered my staying at her place the other night.

I'm not one for adventure.
I'm not one for risking a job for the possibility of love,
I was tired of pain,
tired of feeling like I had to always wonder what was going on in "relationships",
but this seemed too much to pass up.
If I quit on love,
I would be a quitter.
I couldn't, wouldn't be a quitter if the opportunity arose.
And it had.

If it didn't work out,
I was still interested in the job.
I had been looking for something new.

I sat at home thinking and praying about the answer I would give to his sister about the job.
But before I could make up my mind,
I received a letter.
It was from him.

And he wanted to take me out on a date.


  1. This is wonderful. I love that you are writing it for your daughter. What a great treasure for her to have. Tonya, your writing talent is amazing!!

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    Thanks for sharing and Happy to be continued

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    Happy Valentine's,

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    Your story is amazing!! I couldn't stop reading it! Fabulous! Can't wait to read more!

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    Yours Sincerely,

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  17. Wow, thank you everyone. I had fun remembering and am really glad you enjoyed it. I hope to write up the ending for next Monday, so I have time to think about how to finish it. :)

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