Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The GOLD Ceiling Light Rescue

I mentioned in a previous post about
the ceiling light for the porch...

that was my daughter's choice.

I didn't like it much;

 but I thought it would work fine if I just changed the color.

 See, it's just a little too...


for the porch.

 So I used some of this sealer
(I've heard something called 'Gripper'
works as well)...

painted a coat of it on,
then let that dry and added a coat of bright green
(that I plan on using for my kitchen base cupboards)

When that was thoroughly dry,
 I lightly drybrushed a coat of robin's egg blue color
(the one shown in the first picture).

 A watered down brown paint was brushed onto the ceiling light after a few days
(to be sure the paint was cured).
I then rubbed it off gently,
while it was still wet.

 I think this will look better.

 I hope it looks a little more country.

 At least it doesn't look quite so fancy.

The stained glass light is one I got at the Rescue Mission
for $15.  I saw it, left, thought about it for a week,
and decided I couldn't pass it up.

Sometimes, that's a good answer for me:
if I think about it and really like it,
and it's still there,
then I probably should snatch it up.

To wrap it up:

2 porch lights = $34
( plus the paint, which I had for other projects).

I'm working on a post about a bird painting I just cheater-painted.
Yes, I know; that's hard to admit.
But it's a trick for those of you who keep saying,
"Oooo, I wish I could do that."
This trick will show you that
maybe you actually can.

I'm going to show you how to do this
with some tips and art lessons.

Now go dig out your paints and get your easels ready.

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  1. Tonya, It looks great! Anything you get your creative hands on looks great! I love it. I was curious to see how violet feels about the "new" look to her choice of lighting?

  2. Good Morning Tonya, between You & Tammy I feel so uncreative! Love what you did with the light & what Tammy did with Wilson's room

  3. Those lights are both great. And I can't wait to read about the "cheater" painting!


  4. Your make over of the light worked well.

  5. Great job transforming that light! It really does have so much more charm and character. :-) Thanks for sharing it at Inspiration Friday with us this week!

  6. Great idea to transform the light. Looks really awesome.


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