Monday, April 18, 2011

An Old Dirty Dog Dish and the Give-Away.

 When the son is looking intently into an old dog dish,
one wonders...

one's eyebrows droop and furrow in concern...

one's head tilts in an attempt to understand...

and then
one finally gives up in utter lack of knowledge
or even imagination
one questions...

what are you doing with that old dog dish?"

 "I'm looking at my new pets."

 "Aren't they beautiful, Mommy?"

And the winner is:
# 13
The King's Daughter!

 Congratulations, Anna, on winning this plaque and bird's nest with eggs

NOT the dog dish with slugs.

(Although, he'd think it was the better gift, for sure).

 Thank you to all who entered.
Hopefully you will win next time!


  1. love the photo of son hovering over the dog dish

    reminds me of the poem "what are little boys made of?"

    frogs and snails and puppy-dogs' tails :)

  2. Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails.

    Congratulations to the winner!!
    and I love that last photo!

  3. Goodness, get the boy a puppy, a goldfish, a kitten, something thats cute and acceptable quick! Otherwise, im warning you, when he's 15 years old he'll tell everyone how you would only let him have slugs for pets when he was little ~ and of course he'll only say this in a public forum when you'll be standing in front of people whom you want to have a good parental reputation with...

    seriously - ive been there, GET HIM A PET QUICK!

    (which by the way, those slugs are doing the dirty deed right IN THE DOGS BOWL. Has your dog retaliated yet and chewed your sofa or something? You got a lot of people and pets holding things over you, dont you? Goodness you need a rural guardian angel there pronto...)

  4. Oh Levi - - - - methinks thou shouldest set thy sights a tad higher in the pet kingdom.

  5. Congrats to the lucky winner!

    Lovely slugs.


  6. Oh, I remember these days :). I have a similar memory of our 5 year old daughter standing in the garden with worms in her hands, wanting to bring them in the house for pets and crying after I said the worms needed to stay in the garden.
    ~ Julie

  7. Oooo, these made me laugh!! I think we could give Levi a zoo and he'd still have his bowl of slugs! He has cats, a dog, a fish, hundreds of worms, and he still captures any slug he sees! The dog bowl has long been retired for it's original service; I only keep it around for such as this to spare my personal kitchen bowls from being sneaked away.
    Loved these remarks!! Thank you!!


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