Monday, April 4, 2011

When the fireplace welcomes SPRING!

 Replacing the >Winter village< in my fireplace was a welcome change.

Spring is here now,
or so the calendar tells me.

Hopefully, it will begin to warm up just a little more
so I can begin digging up some plants for my plant sale in May.

Until then
I enjoy the change in the fireplace
as well as the daffodils the kids picked me.

It reminds me of my gratitude list:

51. I am thankful for a thoughtful daughter,
who picks flowers,
and encourages her brother to as well.
Perhaps this will help him do sweet things
for the special women God puts in his life.

His mom will always love the flowers he picks her.

 52. I am thankful for Lillie
even if she has hit the difficult stage of testing me
and wandering
and getting into everything!

She keeps me on my feet,
always chasing or checking on her;
but catching her keeps me loaded up on hugs and kisses.

53. I'm thankful for the hog that has been butchered.

Fresh pork will be welcome after going without it for months.

54. I am thankful for green:
green grass,
green leaf buds on the trees,
green pastures.

 55. I am thankful for hearing the birds singing
in the mornings
and all day long!
Their songs waft in moments of pleasant nostalgia.

 56. How can one not be thankful for freedom?
We have freedom to live where we chose,
go where we chose,
love whom we chose,
worship as we chose.

57. I am thankful for the ability to hear the birds singing.

Did I say that already?

I'm sorry; I guess I really meant it.

I am thankful for ability to hear,
and to hear beautiful sounds.

 58. I am thankful for old things that carry the past with them
and the resulting smiles for those who are remembered.

59.  I am thankful for the people who are in my life right now.
I have things all around that remind me of them:
like this fun pair of bunnies that were a gift from my mother.

Which brings me to:

60. I am incredibly thankful that God made an opening for my mother
to be able to go get the surgery that is needed
Thank you for your prayers for this!

She will be in my prayers today
that this surgery will remove all the cancer
without too much intrusion on her body

and that it will not be so stressful as I can tell she feels it is.

(Don't worry about passing out, Mom.
If you do, there will be lots of help there for you!
 And I know you'll be in great hands with Dad there by your side.

Just don't squeeze her hand too tightly, Dad.)

I love you both!

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  1. Your thankfulness is quite beautiful!

  2. I love the little villages you create within your fireplace! It looks like a secret world!

  3. So many beautiful things to be thankful for...I love birdsong, too!

    I feel thankful, today, for the opportunity to pray for your mom's surgery and quick recovery. I am hoping that all will be well.


  4. Very Cute! Really looking forward to your plant sale! I'm praying for your mom. Love the bit about your dad squeezing her hand too tightly.

  5. Your mantel and your gifts are beautiful. I need to get back to writing mine down.

    I'll say a prayer for your mom today.

  6. I'm so glad your mom was able to get in today. Praise the Lord for a God who answers prayer!
    Jehovah Jireh!

  7. Such a darling spring display! I love the little red bird and the cute!!!

  8. Hello - I love this post.. I found your blog via Women Who Do It All.. LOVE it.. Stopping by from - I'm Marilyn and officially following ya. Hope you can stop by sometime.. :))

  9. Thankyou all so much for your prayers. God amazingly answered them. And it is so wonderful and touching to see all the loving kindness of so many people. Dad and I have cried so much from seeing the hand of God and the love of our family and friends. I will show Dad this blog tonight and he will be crying through the whole thing. And Tonya I LOVED your fireplace! And the picture of Lillie. I love the birds singing also. We would take them for granded if we didn't have winter to miss them. I have SO MUCH to be thankful for. Love you, Mom

  10. Your blog is so enchanting and it speaks a lot. Theres tranquility and peace. I am your newest follower, found your blog in a party linky.-Marelie


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