Friday, April 1, 2011

YES, YES, YES!!! Decisions.

A few of my favorite things today:

a patient mom to shop with.
Picking out the JUST-right perfect light for our new porch
at the JUST-right perfect price
can put my brain into knots.

And I have a decisive 8 year old daughter.
I needed a decisive person in my life.
She picks out exactly what she likes,
hands it to me
and says,
"This is the one,
let's go."

I pause at her decision
because I'm not sure the RIGHT light can be picked out so easily.
Her father does that,
and I don't know that he's really making a decision
or just making us get out of there quicker.

But my daughter is sure.
And wouldn't you know her decision
is $80 less than the one I am leaning toward.
You'd think that would be enough of a decision decider for me.

Grandma (my mom) is getting more certain
that a decision of any kind should be made
as the baby tosses her pacifier for the twentieth time
and my son
now starts digging through her purse looking for something to eat,
since he has already ransacked mine.


My favorite things on a day like this:
decisive people,
patient people,
and the ability to paint
so that I can make my daughter's decision
fit my desire a little more as well.

I'll let ya know.

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  1. Yes! Decisions made are indeed a blessing, especially when they come without the brain strain ;-) Excellent!

  2. Ooooh cant wait to see what the finished project looks like. Great five minutes of writing.

  3. Once the paint is up, everything else will happily fall into place.

  4. I love that you have a decisive daughter! She reminds me of my soon to be ten year old daughter -- she sees the world black and white and makes a decision when no one else will.

    Have to love anything with paint. :)

  5. Oh, wow! Paint is so hard to choose. I can't imagine choosing it under pressure! I hope it is the right one for you!

  6. wonderful post ... I hope your finished project turns out beautifully! thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Jo

  7. I hope you show us your finished result!


  8. I'm one who has problem deciding too and I wish I could be more like your daughter.

  9. so i can scout a store in under five minutes. i suppose that would be like your daughter's ability to choose an item so quickly, so confidently. i've friends who could spend hours in one store. i cannot shop with them. :]

  10. your ability to word painting is amazing.
    well done.

  11. Quick decisions are difficult for me.Your daughter is very lucky to make them so easily.Take care.


  12. Awesome that you can have confidence in your daughter's decisions. I bet she is a leader!

  13. My daughter is decisive, too - I am not - though I also don't like shopping much, so that's an interesting combo. Inter-generational shopping is so fun :-)

  14. I was like that choosing dresses (or clothing in general) when I was very young--knew exactly what I wanted.

  15. Our daughter is like that as well... I love shopping with her for that very reason! I don't always go along with what she thinks but at least it makes for a quicker outing!

  16. My daughter and I are just the reverse. I am quickly decisive and she waffles. And then she waffles. And then she waffles some more.

    I'm glad you have your daughter to nudge you along...and that color looks like it's going to be lovely! Please share a 'before' and 'after' with us!

    Thanks for linking to Alphabe-Thursday.



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