Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Daily Reminder.

 (Writing from Gypsy Mama's prompt "On Forgetting")

I step up to it and glance at what will come first.

It is one of mine.
I work all day.  I listen to them chatter, sing, prattle, fight, tattle.  I make them meals and snacks and cups of juice, make them drink their milk.  I suddenly feel tired.  I want to take flight on the wings of the dandelion seed I see floating by.

Next is one of his.  Stained from hard work.  Tattered with yet another hole.  His t-shirts seem to be destined to this life.  Hard at work far away.  I wish his life was easier, but I am thankful for him, for his love and his diligence.

And then there are theirs: little pieces that resemble ours.
They are also usually stained, but from hours of play.

Dropped strawberries. 

Mud puddles. 

Dried on Playdough that will never release it's hardened grip.

My littlest is now wearing little dresses her sister did...

was that yesterday?
 Where did the time go?

 And then I peek around the corner at them...

hear their giggles.

They are worth it...

I can't let myself forget that in my weary moments...

reaching up

to my clothesline full of daily tales and memories.

"And let us not be weary in well doing:
for in due season we shall reap,
if we faint not."
Galatians 6:9


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Parenting Tip: Kids grow up fast.  
I remind myself of that when I feel overwhelmed about the little things.

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(Okay, so I do edit a bit with adding the pictures
and spacing out the sentences around them:
I cannot tell a lie.)
(sheepish grin)


  1. Ohhhh yes . . . in those weary moments we need to be reminded . . . hear the whispers from God so we don't forget all the precious memories

    Thanks for sharing . . .

  2. I love this! Your few words drew me right in there with you. And the pictures are perfect! I just realized I forgot to even include a picture, HA! I was spilling over with words this week :)

    I'm praying for you and your sweet family tonight. Have a great weekend!

  3. Love how you are taking the time to savor...even in the chaos. I really love your pictures! How do you edit them? I love the first is like a picture in a magazine!

  4. Yes, I must not forget even in the weary times! Beautiful post!

  5. That sounds like a really neat life! My grandmother grew up on a farm. She picked cotton and wore her sisters' hand-me-downs. She had a garden with my grandfather and when I went to visit, on days that they picked peas, I sat there with my bucket, right next to them. Even when my thumbs were blistered, I could not stop until I had shelled every pea pod in the bucket.
    It is a fun memory and the only thing she made me do. I do remember, though, seeing them out in the garden, her straw hat on, working to keep it doing well.
    Wow! I'm gonna have to do a post about this, now. :)

  6. oh absolutely.
    I hear you loud and clear.
    You are doing a great job.
    Beautiful pictures, too

  7. Oh, how I love stumbling onto fun treasures like your blog! Visiting from Verde Farm's FFF and now you have another follower. Love how you balance the real with the beautiful! Great Blog!!!

  8. Tonya, I love this. You had me at I work all day.

    Such a lovely post.


  9. Happy Memorial Day!....just wanted to let you know...I chose you for the One Lovely Blog Award! Head over to my blog to pick it up and pass it on!

  10. It's hard for me to imagine writing anything without a little editing.


    PS. Nice job on this. It's lovely.


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