Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Spices of Life

(This post was actually written on Thursday, June 2, 2011)

My kitchen is going through a S...L...O...W  remodel.

I'm trying to clean our, sort, and organize as I go,
so it won't be such a big job all at once.

Do you have a spice cupboard?

Mine is in this corner cabinet
which is awkward because the door hits the oven vent.


And getting in it,
 around all those little jars...
a daily avalanche is to be expected.

I do have this little shelf above my counter.
I'd found this little rack and canisters and used them for
my most commonly used spices.

I really loved the convenience,
but really hated the look of these.

I even crossed the writing off on two
and added spices that I use more:

Wanting to utilize the easier access shelf space more,
I came upon these at the store.
I had already decided on the height of the jars I needed,
and these were perfect.

I bought 17 of them:
16 to use,
and one to be a spare.
I need spares.

After they were all washed and dry
I wiped the area I wanted to paint on the jars with vinegar
and let it air dry.
(I used a little bottle of black "Gloss" glass paint.)

I then used a square-tipped brush to paint...

a simple line going across the jar.

Two strokes was enough.

When these were dry,
I did a second coat so that they were not translucent.

I then wrote my most used 16 spices onto the black background
using my calligraphy pen
and watered down white paint.  

After the allotted time to wait for the paint to dry well
(I think they said 48 hours on the bottle),

I cooked all the jars in the oven 
per the glass paint instructions.

My husband cut and installed the middle shelf,
and I painted the shelf and walls holding them
a linen white color
(a color similar to what I hope to use on the top cupboards).
This made the colors in the jars stand out
and everything look brighter and cleaner.

Oh, how I love my new spice shelf...

and the convenience it gives me in cooking!

Have you ever noticed how being organized feels so peaceful?

I got my chalk paint and have tried some different items.
I'll be showing you some of them soon!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Love the new jars...they look so pretty on the new shelf! You are so right about it being peaceful when we are organized in our homes.

    Are you getting any sleep at all? It looks like you are going from one project to the next! Can't wait to see everything in place!

  2. That looks terrific!!! I love the shelves too!
    Was that wicker I saw? :) Can't wait to see your projects. How is the chalk paint?

  3. Love your spice jars! I wrestle with the same dilemma. I think I'll be looking for little jars like yours but instead of painting them, I'll probably just use my label maker. I wouldn't be able to paint the words as neatly as you did. Can't wait to see what you are doing with your chalk paint.

  4. Super cute! It totally made that area look really organized! Great job!

    Following from the "mad skills hop"!

    Shawn @ http//

  5. You are something else. Those spice jars are NEAT. If I saw them in a store, I would buy them in a second.

    And they're so practical, too.



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