Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Farmer and Child Duet

My Farmer shares a table side duet
with Lillie.
(Levi is helping in the background).


  1. I TRIED to watch your video, but it says "This video is private" and it won't play.


  2. Yep, I couldn't watch it either!

  3. I couldn't either, and I'm dying to hear the duet!!!

  4. So sorry!! I should have come back earlier and checked this. I hope it works now. Let me know if it doesn't. I had the settings wrong on You Tube. I've been out potting up plants til just now...LONG day!! 450 bare root perennials came in... and it's been raining all day. A memorable day!!

  5. How cute~ what great memories daddy is making with his little ones! I remember that song too~it was a good family show.

  6. All they need now are the coonskin caps!


  7. Well worth you fixing and us coming back to see it!

    Somebody in your house - - - possibly The Farmer? - - - has been singin' that song to the kids for a while 'cause I don't know any OTHER kids circa 2011 who KNOW the words to that one!

    You GO Levi!


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