Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What's on the Work Bench?

 My work table is covered in projects again.

I want the porch DONE!
I want the kitchen DONE!
Progress is moving like a slug in Levi's dish of captivity.

I do realize that with 3 kids
it may take a few more weeks than I'd like.

So I do little projects in between my opportunities to work on the big ones.

  I found these metal chickens
and think they'll be perfect in the kitchen.

It would be great if they were real chickens
but for now,
these will have to do.

I am still determining what color they'll become.

 I've printed up too many ideas for some of my accent pieces
like this one.

It will be used with these...
 Can you guess what these are for?
(A hint: these are for my attempt to be more organized.

Hey, now.
At least I am trying to be organized.
That's a start, isn't it?)

But this is my main priority right now.

 This is the new counter top for my kitchen cabinets.

I have been looking online and trying to decide.

Do I leave it in it's beautiful sleek perfection...

 or do I beat it with a chain,
dump coffee stains on it,
light little bits of it with fire to burn it,
and then put the finish on it.

I'm not one for a perfect counter.
It would never look perfect once I'm using it.
So a beat up/distressed counter top sounds best...
but what if I mess it up?
What if I burn the house down trying to make it look old?

It sounds like a risky undertaking.
And scary.

(I hope my husband doesn't read this post.
If you do, dear Farmer, I really do know what I am doing...
I'm just being funny.



Where was I?
Oh, yes, denting up the counter top...
sometimes scary is fun.

Who would have guessed that I'd see a day
where painting a counter could be
"fun" scary?

 On the other side of the porch,
the light is in.


It needs to be raised a little.

 And the cabinets are in their first coat of the color green.

 I painted this little chalk board project to practice.

I think I like it.

 But then this vintage blue pleads to me to belong in the kitchen.

Maybe I can satisfy my love for it with a few accents.

That's what is on my work benches this week.

Are you up to any fun projects?
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  1. I see the predicament you are in...I do love both colors but I think the green would fit in better with other colors in your beautiful home!(Remember, this opinion comes from an unartistic person who can't paint but who appreciates your beautiful projects!)

  2. No fun projects for me, but I'm sure liking yours! And yes, I think you should beat that counter within an inch of its life.

    Distressed is best.


  3. I would love to watch you beating this countertop and setting it on fire! You are so full of ideas and this one sounds like you have to see it to believe it! In any case, I think you should do it because it would go with the farm house feel! And the green color is my choice of color to pick. I love the way you made it a warm cozy color. Either way you do the counter top and paint will turn out great! Also, I feel like a celebrity now that you posted a picture of my Mom, son and I at your plant sale :) and so far the plants are still living where I put them!

  4. Love the metal chickens . Why not try Annie Sloan paints on some of your projects -- they cover anything and so easy to distress , without beating yourself up lol .
    Have fun whatever you decide
    Anne x

  5. Wow - you have a lot of choices to make. One thing I can be sure of - leave the countertop as it is...let it become battered and bruised and aged through your own have 3 children - it will NOT be unblemished and oh the stories it will tell....
    My mum has those chickens. Hers are silver and go with her (coincidentally) duck egg blue kitchen perfectly!!

  6. Oh my, you are a busy lil Mom. I like both colors and am torn. Partial to greens, but loving the blue, oh dear! If I were you, I'd take the chain to the cabinets too right away. You sure remind me of ' me ' back when I was raising kids, chickens, pigs, cows and pets all at the same time. I always had projects going. Get them done now, because the day will come when you will slow down just like this ol' gal.
    BlessYourHeart and YourFamily

  7. I like the iron roosters just the way they are, black. It's like a wrought-iron bench, you know, the old-fashioned kind. The whole banging with chains idea would make me nervous...

  8. WOW ... so many choices ... I vote Vintage Blue ... Am I allowed to vote??? Bit late now :0)

  9. Way too many choices here! As much as I'm a fan of greens I too vote for the Vintage Blue, and I would also let the counter top tell it's own stories over the years. Although stating that you bashed it with a chain and deliberately set light to it would make for an interesting conversation at a dinner party I have to say!!

    Brenda 84

  10. The green reminds me of the "70's" not a good time as far as decorating goes. I really like the blue & I would lightly distress the countertop and let nature finish it, It won't take long with 3 kiddoes , a farmer and a very crafty Mom

  11. A distressed counter would be neat in your house. I wouldn't want you catching your lovely home on fire though! This is our last day of school, then I can't wait to get working again on projects!

  12. Both colors are gorgeous...can you share the paint colors?


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