Monday, May 2, 2011

White-Out for My Housework and Coffee Flavored Mulch

1. Sailing away.

 It has rained here a lot lately.


I am thankful for no tornadoes here.
I am sad for those who have lost so much in the recent storms.

We had some terrible skies and winds,
and rain,

but thankfully, 
that was all.

  No, I do not live in a castle.

No, this is not a moat;

yes, it is/was our driveway.

 The children's pool is about to become a sailing vessel.

 The rain falls,
the pile of mulch needs to be spread...

by Thursday.

No panicking.

I'm just getting ready to go sailing.

2. Blossoms = baby fruit.

My farmer thinned out the pine tree wind break
behind the apple trees.

They were getting shaded out.
Now there are lots of blossoms on the apple tree.

This tree gives the best fruit,
but hasn't for a few years.
 It is covered with blossoms this year.

I am so hopeful.

 The cherry tree is bedecked in springtime glory as well.

 I love flowers,
especially when they hold the potential for something edible.

3. Coffee to Gaze Upon.

Did you know there are hardy geraniums?
I didn't until a few years ago.

Now they are one of my favorite plants:
easy care,
bloom most of the summer,
nice mounding habit,
like sun or semi-shade.

 This one gets bright pink flowers.

It has a name,
but I forget what it is right now.
Is it New Hampshire?

Sorry, I can't remember it right now.
It will come back to me when I'm looking through my 5,000 plant tags.

I have wet mulch on the brain.

The one in the next picture is 'Espresso' Geranium:
coffee colored leaves all season long
with delicate light purple flowers.

It is perfection in a unique shade of colors.

I love it;
I love it's name.

 I need some of it's name.

4. Signs of things to come.

 Please excuse my lack of deep or useful posts this week.
I'm preparing for a plant sale.

And I'm afraid all my creative crafts and incredible recipes
are buried

under plant tags,
lists of things I can't forget,
somebody's sippy cup full of milk,

My plant sale is May 6 - 7,
not May 8.

That was last year.
But never fear...

 I learned helpful tips in college
in one of my "creating teaching displays classes."
(That is definitely NOT the name for the class
It was AVT or something = Audio/Video T......
Sorry, it's gone.

I need some ginseng or is it ginko;
something for my brain.

Does coffee have brain food in it?

There was mulch in the bottom of my coffee when I got to it.

I don't think mulch has brain enhancing qualities.
It surely didn't taste like it.)

Anyhow, I learned in my wonderful college class
that whenever we make anything,
we should do our best
and make it look as professional as possible.

I carry that with me only when it comes to artwork;
somehow, housework didn't seem to make it into that lesson.

Please, for future generations,
stick housework into that lesson,
you wise college teachers.

I also learned how to abundantly apply white-out in college.

Does anybody still use white-out?
Yes, we had computers when I was in college,
but the screens were all one color and everything was done in code,
"press F1 for something and F2 for something else."

I didn't get good grades in computer class.

But look at me now!
I can now click a mouse and get around on the screen!
I still don't know what F1 is for;
I think that it erases everything from your computer,
so don't press it.


I'm just kidding, Mom.

But don't press F4; that will blow your computer up.

It's obvious that
white out and computer have followed me into life.

5. Sigh.
Please send my kisses to the person who invented this thing.

 Is there a *kiss* symbol on computers?

If there is, this picture needs it for it's caption.


I remember.


I guess some things never change.

(If you're losing your sanity,
below is a link
to the one I got
from Amazon; 
actually, I got two.
It was recommended
by very helpful reviewers, and I bit the bait.)
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  1. We have one of those kid cages and they are awesome!!! Used to take it to the park and I could play volleyball with friends while my children were safe and sound. The funny part??? The older kids would climb over so that they could play inside the cage with the little kids. So funny!! :) I keep mine in the attic of the garage for future uses.

  2. I too love the name of that. I am so excited to come. I have to put school on hold so I can come Friday morning!!!!! Looking forward to see you.
    Love the big fenced in play area. Levi is hilarious sitting there. Does he like it?

  3. I hope your sale goes well and the rain holds off. I love the play fence.

  4. I used to have a play yard very similar to yours, and it saved my life!

    I love geraniums and have them in pots all over my yard.

    And I hope your apple tree is heavily laden this year!


  5. I love those "Espresso" pretty!

  6. I am so sick of rain right now, but i know come July I'll be hoping for it. Just wish I could get my garden tilled.

  7. i have heard of such geraniums but do not know the names off heart. sure hope those rains quit for now. i barely got to weed eat before it sprinkled again.

  8. Your post made me smile - especially the referance to that class in college - the things we learned! LOL I love reading your posts :-)

  9. Great post! enjoyed reading!

  10. So much water! Goodness! What fun to have a plant sale!

  11. LOL A round pen for kids!! What a great idea! Those cowboys were on to something, werent they, when they invented round pens out west to tame and train horses ;p!

    And I would so be there for your plant sale if i could - I have been planning a landscape plan for this house of ours - it has nothing right now so I am in the BLANK stage...

  12. Apple and Cherry blossoms are so very wonderful. I loved how you said it that you love the flowers as well as the potential they contain.

    The hardy geraniums are neat. The expresso one reminds me of our Mayflowers (Hepatica).

  13. I'm new to your blog and have fallen in love with your style. Do you share techniques? Like how you "fog" the edges of your photos.... It's delightful! Thank you

  14. Thanks so much for joining Fishtail Cottage's, Cottage Flora Thursday's! this weather is unbelievable! I love hardy geraniums - but last year i had to pull all of mine out as they choked out everything around them! :( your cherry blossoms are beautiful, & what a gorgeous picture!!!!


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