Friday, June 10, 2011


It's time for another 5-minute Friday where we are supposed to
write for 5 minutes flat for pure unedited love of the written word.
Gypsy Mama's Prompt for this week is...


 If I could live today backwards...

I would have seen that the air conditioner that we took apart to clean out
and then would not turn on
was just a little wet inside.

It works now.
I didn't need to worry;
I just needed to sweat.

If I could live today backwards,

I would see that Lillie's sippy cup would be found


 and so would her pacifier
that she must have pitched out of the wagon
on the way back from the barn;

so I didn't need to get upset about it being lost...


If I had to live today backwards,
I would see that the hay fields would finally be finished,

 the barn stacked full of sweet-smelling fresh hay
that God would allow us to beat the rains

that now we pray will come;

that rest
and some time with him again,
will come tomorrow.

If I could live today backwards,
I would see that the Slip-n-Slide was definitely worth
taking out and setting up...

that sitting with them and getting wet
was fun

and what I needed,

and I should just do it for them
instead of groaning when they ask
because I just sat down to my cup of coffee.

If I could live today backwards,
I would see that 
the important stuff,
the little things that really matter

are really the most important things to get done.

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Parenting Tip: Take time to enjoy the simple things with your kids;
Don't stress because of little things that won't matter 10 years from now.


  1. Oh this is great. I love how you showed that doing life together is so special and that we often don't need to worry about what we do worry about! I hear you there! Nice five minute post.

  2. Beautiful. Worrying brings no good fruit. Isn't it crazy how many times we have to learn that over and over again? Bless you, friend ;-)

  3. Applause! Applause! Fantastic! More, more! This was a wonderful 5 min. and I enjoyed my coffee peacefully throughout your journey. Lovein'It and here I go wishing for more for us again when we are already so blessed.

  4. Great message here.

    As always.


  5. To live with this thought in our top twenty thoughts.
    Just like the slip and slide we all need to just chill.

  6. Thanks for the thoughts. All the worry and stress at the end of the day fall away. So why do we let our selves get worked up? Good reminder. With Joy, Carey

  7. "I didn't need to worry; I just needed to sweat." LOVE. THIS. Beautiful post!!

  8. Great post! I want to live everyday backwards.

  9. I felt such peace after reading this. There was a finality to the day - a reflection of regrets but also of great joy. I wonder what God must think as He watches us live out our days...thank you so much for sharing what matters most.

  10. Beautifully written post with such a wonderful message. The pictures are also amazing!

  11. What a great post! I feel the same so often :) lovely pictures too, love those little goslings!


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