Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Intro to Chalk Paint

My Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
arrived in the mail a little over
 two weeks ago.
(I purchased it from Tammy at Periwinkle Pass:
she combines the shipping when more are ordered,
she was very prompt in sending it,
and she gave helpful tips about the colors of the paint.
On an added note, her son who answered is the
most respectful child I've heard on a phone
in a long time.
I think I'm going to train my kids to say, "Ma'am.")

I've been pining to try it on some furniture;
wanting to see how it works
before I attempt those daunting 
top kitchen cabinets,
I decided on some small things first.

I love this basket,

but it has seen better days.

 It's sturdy and a nice size
but it held fake flowers on the porch for a few too many seasons,

 and the discoloration
and tired look it wore
needed some rejuvenation.

(Tiger is obviously enjoying this photo session.)

 While I was experimenting,
I thought I'd clean this one up as well
(I cut the handle off on it).

 So after a thorough washing
followed by a day or two of drying,

I opened up the paint.

It was thick,
and I was amazed at how far it spread.
 I watered a little down to do on the inside of the basket,
but used it straight on the outside.

One coat covered this up nicely
and it looked like nothing had been removed from the can.

 I did the other basket in Old White,
but the shiny red covering on the skin of this basket
bled and turned it pink.

I thought this might happen as it bled terribly
when I washed it.

So after the white/pink dried,
I painted a coat of Provence.

This didn't turn pink at all.
 I added a light second coat as well.

I waxed both baskets after they were dry
with clear Fiddes Wax
and a touch of the Rugger Brown wax.
(Miss Mustard Seed introduced me to the wonders of using waxes
as well as Chalk Paint.  Her tutorial on waxes is

  Isn't it great the way the colors on this basket came out?!

This little blue basket is taking the place
of the torn one
that couldn't take the heat of the kitchen.

I love the variety and spot of color
and know it will be even nicer once the cabinets are painted.

 The wax seemed to dull down the color just a little
and made the color not so flat on the baskets.

 It looks like a lively basket again,
ready for years more use.

 I am impressed with Chalk Paint.

I'll have to show you the mirror I painted for over the living room mantle
sometime soon.

And I'm trying to decide on this one,
what do you think?

Do I paint the table top with chalk paint


leave it?

I just got the table top off of Craig's List.
The original was glass.

Can you guess what happened to it?

I'll give you a hint,
he had his fishing pole used for catching magnitized fish,
and there was a magnet on the end of the fishing line.

One more hint:
the "he" wasn't my Farmer.

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  1. Love it!!! I really like the Provence!!! For that new room, I think it would look better to lighten the chairs and table:) I want some chalk paint so bad! It sounds so nice.. Does Minwax Stain clash and not work well with the chalk paint? I thought I read that in a blog a couple of months ago. I may have to buy the wax too. I think it would be great for my craft sale items!! Thanks for all the info. I can't wait to see your mirror!!!

  2. I love the wood look on top of the table, but I'm sure if you painted it, it would look really great, too. I just don't have the imagination to think of what it would look like painted before it's done!

  3. Oh dear that is a tough one. Love the look now but the paint would be pretty cool too.

  4. Love the Chalk paint and baskets. Definitely worth a try for me. I love the table as is in the wood as it adds contrast in the room I think. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm now following you and look forward to staying connected!

  5. Super tough call on the tabletop. It's gorgeous the way it is.... but it might be even more gorgeous with paint.

    I've got to get me some of that chalk paint! I love the way the color looks.

  6. I am also a keen basket girl but had never thought of updating them with paint, thanks for the inspiration.

  7. I love the Provence basket. That color is perfect. A lot of people seem to be loving the chalk paint lately.

    As for the table, I'd probably leave it as is. But then, I'm a girl who loves the look of wood and grains and such.


  8. oooh, leave the table, it is lovely as it will get all worn with the children doing bits and pieces on it, and you wont worry if it gets a dent or too, it will only get better and more worn looking over the years...

  9. I would have never thought of painting a basket with chalk paint. Oh I am tempted to get the paint, but just can swallow the price....Yet! I see your followers are missing too, so are mine. It looks like it is hit and miss, blogger acting up again!


  10. I think the table as is creates nice contrast. You can always add pops of color, like the basket. By the way, love your color choices.

  11. Love it! I can't get over how we can paint anything with that chalk paint. It really is wonderful....great color choice too.

  12. Oh my gosh.....I am just ITCHING to try this paint!!! The more I hear about it, the more I want it!! :) Your projects turned out just fantastic! Thanks for the link to Tammi's site, too. And yes, I would paint your table that nice soft white or even that pretty grey/blue like your wicker basket! :)

    xoxo laurie

  13. I love the look of the chalk paint on wicker. Your baskets look great.

    You could also leave the wood top and paint the legs old white or blue. Lots of options :)


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