Wednesday, July 27, 2011


There are issues in our home.


That was my younger sister's favorite word as a teenager a few years back.

 Creatures that do not belong in this house wander in...



in all forms and shapes and colors...

announcing to me that somebody else has been here...

somebody with sticky fingers.

And yet,
they try to accuse me.

"You did it, Mommy."

There are noise issues.

I do not create noise issues.


mostly never.

And pile issues to be dealt with.
"Who left their stuff?..."


how good are your detective skills?

Which item did I just take out?

Some discoveries are not meant to be thoroughly investigated.

Detective skills are best left to the really important mysteries.

The washing machine can handle others.

But there are issues that are building...


Our youngest has a thing for shoes.

Any and all of them;
(this certainly can't be inherited, can it?)

no member of the household is exempt from her thievery.

The problem is building.

 The perpetrator is perpetually at her devices.


there are pending issues that are lurking for her yet...


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  1. its a good thing the man of the house has no issues !!!!!

  2. I loved wearing Aunt Lilly's shoes! She must get it from the Mikusow side! Love it,, she's so simply cute! I have issues here, ball gloves, ball hats, baseball cards, ties, and dirty socks wadded in balls to be unwadded before they go into the machine. They STINK too! Love you!

  3. As Martha would say, "issues" are a "good thing".

    Enjoy while they're little!


  4. Cute post. And you took out the green jump rope. (I think).

  5. What a funny, creative post.

    You are pretty good at this blogging stuff.


  6. Oh--to have those precious "issues"--time flies by (no pun intended!) darling post!

  7. Oh this is priceless!! LOVE this post! (and the shoes of course)

  8. Sweet! Thanks for the smile this evening! I am so glad that I am now a follower of your blog. :-)
    Blessings to you and your family,

  9. About the issue of creatures getting in the house. My wife and I are both born and raised in FL and live on a lake. Roaches get in the house, it's inevitable. Yet why am I always the one to snatch it up. Of course I gladly do it with a smile, but is it that big of a deal to kill a roach?

    p.s. Love the format of your posts!

  10. we have "issues", too! I love your post... it was lovely to read and the pictures are just so real and sweet! have a blessed day!

  11. Thank you for all or your fun comments. As for you, Farmer: I think occassionally you may have issues...with our issues. :)

  12. This is a fun fun post and wow, is that perpetrator adorable.

    Good luck. :-)


  13. Ah yes, we have some of those very same 'issues' at our farm house:) I don't do spiders....especially black ones like that! Was that a Black Widow?

  14. Pepperoni's are a superior topping on pizza. I have to agree with down on the farm, mushrooms are a fungus. Why do eat them again?


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