Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A REALLY Good Camera.

By far, the best "toy" that Violet has ever gotten
is this camera that she got for Christmas.

She had been wanting to use mine,
but I'm mean and selfish and wouldn't let her;
so I found this one and it had great reviews.

It even has two games on it,
as well as all kinds of "fun" editing options.

For example
look what she did to...

her brother,


her dear mother,

the cat,

even her sweet grandma.

If you want to see what really goes on here,
her camera will tell what we all do:
 her sister sleeps,



Her father,
the hard-working farmer,
when not at work
or farming...


 and chats.

 Her mom drinks coffee
to stay on schedule...

Is that in my vocabulary?

 She even accurately portrays herself.

 She takes pictures of things she loves:

her crafts' heads,...


 and feet;

her cat;

our cows,


and waaaaaaaaaaay too many toys!

The camera even goes for rides with us at times.

(Always such love for brother.)

 So if you visit our house...


You might be next!

(I have to say that a lot of the pictures are not great quality,
as may be seen in these,
and have green or black grainy spots on them;
but for holding over 500 pictures,
having all the options it does,
being REALLY durable,
and providing the hours of fun that it has,
this camera is a great toy.
  The only thing I regret,
is that I didn't get my son one as well.

  Fighting over it has proven formidable.)

(This has not been a paid advertisement...
well, unless the above link is used, then I make a small commission.
I just like to tell about good things.
Toys that are actually played with and teach something...
well, that's a GOOD thing!)

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  1. Isn't it fun to look at the world through kids eyes?

  2. I love seeing what the kids see. The editing on that camera is so fun!

  3. These are GREAT ideas! I think I'm gonna haveta get one o these for my grans!

  4. What a fun camera!

    And a creative photographer...


  5. How wonderful. When will she be starting her blog? Love the photos!!

  6. "Hopping" over to visit again this week from the HHH and now I'm a follower, as well! :-)

    How awesome to see the world through the eyes of our children! And, you just have to love all of the "additions" to your facial features, lol!

    Have a blessed day,

  7. Thanks, everyone! Yes, I do see a budding photographer behind the orange camera. It was fun loading her pictures into the computer and seeing what was in there. :)

  8. We were looking at one of these last Christmas for Jo, but we never got it. I think that we will do it this year, though. It will be fun to see what she sees! We got one like that for our oldest when she was little and everyone thought that it was a toy and didn't really take pics. You should see some of the stuff she captured! Of course, back then, it was all 35mm and you had to pay to print them to see the pics, but it was still fun.


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