Monday, August 8, 2011

Good Blogging Readers.

 I don't expect people that I know to read my blog.
I never did.
Actually,  I never thought strangers would really read my blog.
I just wanted to write.

I realize that people have busy lives
and plenty of reading to ingest in the few hours they have for it
each day.

I also realize I'm not spilling any earth-shattering news.

It's a great tip to remember if you ever blog:
blog because you love it
and don't expect anybody to actually read it.

Then it's surprising
and a little humbling when people tell you they read your blog.

 (Here's a framed picture I bought and wanted to redo for my house.)

I have a friend that I am fairly sure reads most of my blog.

She's an encourager.
She is the one who got me into my social computer life
and has encouraged me to write.

 (Removing the back to repaint the frame.)

I met her at college; she was a roommate of my good friend.
In fact, she's in many of the pictures I wrote about my friend 

She had the necessary responsibility of also becoming my good friend.

 (Carefully lifting off and then preparing to paint the mat board.)

 She was a bit on the quiet side,
gentle voice and a calm person;
however, her laugh was always ready.

I'd often find a note in my mailbox from her
or stuck to my dorm door,
a random gesture,
just to tell me she hoped I'd have a good day
often with a Bible verse written as well.

(I picked out some bees I liked from The Graphics Fairy Blog).

For some reason, one of the verses she wrote stuck in my mind.
I think she said it was one of her favorites.

(When I calligraphy, I like to type it out in the size I want to write
and line up the wording
so I get a general idea of how to space my lettering).


(Trying to determine which style of lettering I want to use.)

It has always reminded me of her
every time I've read it since
because the meaning of it defines her so perfectly. 

Thanks, Jen, for being such a sweet friend.
I'll think of you as I hang my new picture on the wall.

 You really need to come for a visit sometime soon!

Thank you also to you,
good friends,
for reading my blog.

I am humbled with the honor that you do.


  1. Thanks Tonya. I miss you lots and I really do hope to see you very soon!!! I love reading your blog, I actually check it every day! You are an amazing person, and so very talented. I am blessed to have you as a dear friend!

  2. Oh I didn't mention, the picture is beautiful!! I do love that verse. I actually have a verse/picture you did for me when I got married and every time I look at it I also think of you!!

  3. I began to blog because my sister suggested it. It has been non-stop ever since.

    I have always loved to write. Here, I have the bonus of comments and, surprise, followers!

    Your pictues are great. I love the proverb and so very true.

  4. Ahhhh, this is so sweet! Love the phrase and your calligraphy is wonderful!

  5. I'm a stranger and I love to come to your blog to see what you're up to. Your new picture is just beautiful.

  6. Oh I'll read your log and you are so because you love it and no other reason!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment about my screened in sun-room that Susan featured on Metamorphosis Monday.
    We've enjoyed our little room so much this summer minus the bugs and the baking sun! Plus I can go in and change it up every once in a while to suite my mood and or season!
    Thanks again,
    Terry at LA BELLA VIE

  7. I love reading your blog! In fact, it is a purely selfish pursuit.


    PS. Can't believe you can make such a cute plaque. Once again, I find myself coveting your talents...

  8. I love that verse. I want to hang it up in my house too. Even if it is just an index card behind a magnet on the fridge. Awesome work once again!

  9. You all are so great!! Thanks for your comments...really. :)

  10. I just stumbled onto your nice blog. You are very talented! I love the verse you used for your project.

  11. I have found that none of my family reads my blog. I thought they would. They are "all over" facebook though. Hmmm.

    I host a party on Wednesdays that is a showcase for bloggers with less than 500 followers.... and I would like to invite you! (the linky is open now)

    xoxo BunnyJean @ BunnyJean's Decor and More!

    I am # 141 in the Met Monday party.

  12. What a lovely tribute to your special friend :)

  13. What a wonderful tribute to your friend and your calligraphy is just magnificent! I love that verse!

    You have touched the hearts of many of us "strangers!" I really treasure my blogging friends. Wish I could meet everyone in person someday!

    Many blessings,


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