Friday, August 5, 2011

Simple Card-making.

Sometimes it's fun and a good use of time
to have blank cards with envelopes already on hand
and just ad some personal embellishments.

I find it's the only way I make cards these days.
(Starting with 12" x 12" paper that needs to be cut down to cards
seems like an extra process that hinders me from starting at all.)

 Here are some blank wedding invitations I found at a discount store a while back.

I've had these for a while
and have used up all of the cards and regular sized envelopes.
Only the RSVP postcards
and HUGE envelopes are left.

Not wanting to throw them out,
because that would just be wrong to my frugal-mania,
I came up with this option:

 Taking the over-sized envelopes,
I licked the seal and closed them up.

 I then cut them in half
from the sealed side down to the unsealed side
(I discovered that this size fits the postcards exactly).

 I found my pad of decorative paper.
I like the kind that is pretty on both sides.

 I measured the cut side of the envelope,
drawing a mark
and then cutting a piece that size from the decorative paper
about halfway up the paper.

 I folded that piece in half,

 and then cut a new flap for my envelope,
cutting so the folded part was safely away from the blade of the scissor.

I then had one cut folded piece.
I took the other two pieces, folded them in half lengthwise
and then cut them in the same manner.

This made 3 tabs for the new envelopes.

 Using my favorite card-making glue...

 (it is very sticky and does a great job or REALLY holding paper pieces together,
without the annoyance of any bubbling)

I applied glue to only one side of the folded tab...

 and affixed this to the backside of the cut envelope,
so that it would fold over and close on the front side.

(Please, let me know if I've confused you;
it's not easy explaining with words instead of showing you.)

 I was happy to discover that the postcards came two attached together
with a slight perforation for tearing them apart.

Seeing that the perforation was slight enough,
I just used it as a fold line instead,

and folded the two postcards together,
forming one card.

Using some of the left-over tab paper,
I cut some little scraps to use on the face of the cards,

 using a punch to ad some fun flowers for details.

 (TIP: When using the punch, it is easier to turn the paper and punch underside toward
you; this allows you to use as much of the scrap paper up as is possible
and so you can see where you are cutting).

I like to keep word stickers and little decorative stickers on hand
to ad to my cards.  Using rubber stamps is also a fun way of adding words,
but stickers is often easier to this rushed mom.
 It's fun to see the different variety possible...

 with just a few different stickers.

 Sometimes, I find simplicity is just as nice...

and doesn't make as much mess
or take as much time.

I'll have many more envelopes left-over than cards,

but I have stacks of paper that can be used with my paper cutter as well...


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  1. Great ideas! I love simple cards and these are so pretty. I might have to try that Yes! paste. I have not seen that before.

    Thanks so much for linking up!

  2. My daughter does stuff like this and it is so very cool! Love the "sisters" one the best!

  3. What great ideas!

    I make about 50 cards a month and it's always wonderful to find new things to try!

    Thank you!

  4. Darling cards! You are a resourceful girl.


  5. Those are very lovely! I tend to do my digital scrapbooking and cards on the computer since I can't keep track of everything otherwise! But my daughter always loved to make cards by hand. This is a great idea! Visiting from HHH. Deb @


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