Monday, August 29, 2011

The Refurbished Old Thermos.

I picked some flowers the other day 
to press in books for later use,
and there were plenty left over.

This old thermos that I got a while back at the second hand store
actually still has the unbroken crock inside,
but the outside had seen a little too much weather.

Moon loves to watch in great intensity
at whatever I do.

Such a willing pupil.

He pointed out to me that the thermos might be in need of some sprucing up,
especially since the rust had taken over the color of it.

I agreed, so I used my Paris Grey Annie Sloan Chalk paint,
which can be used on pretty much anything,
and after I coated it,
I picked a graphic I liked from the Graphics Fairy blog.
There seems to always be something suitable at the Graphic Fairy.

So I colored on the back of the design with charcoal pencil,
taped it to the thermos,
and traced the design on.

I got my acrylic calligraphy ink out,
(so I know it will be permanent and won't bleed)...

and I drew/traced it on with my calligraphy pen.

It was a bit tedious,
this design.

I got a little annoyed with myself for picking such a detailed one,
but I worked on it in between child demands,
and I am happy with the results.

I added a verse I like to the center,
and after it was dry and I'd wiped the charcoal pencil off,
I waxed it with Fiddes and Son clear wax,
with just a touch of Rugger Brown for a little age.

It's funny how you can trace something
and not realize the detail of the picture...
until you are actually tracing it.

I added a bird in on this side.
Can you spy it?

It is fun when something old and ugly is spared and repurposed;
and such a pleasant job it has now, too!

Many thanks to The Graphics Fairy
for featuring my thermos on her
"Brag Monday."

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  1. it's gorgeous! lovely, lovely job!!!

  2. Amazing! I wish I had half your talent :) I love how you add Bible verses to many of your projects.

  3. You have been blessed by our Lord with such creative talent Tonya...most people would have thrown out that old thermos but you brought it back to life and gave it a new purpose! Just love how you work!

  4. Absolutely beautiful!!! Great job.

  5. Farms and cats go together so well. Richard

  6. I pulled up three posting from Met. Mon. and all were YOU! Love your work. Come link all your great creations please!

  7. Beautiful artwork you did! Love it.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  8. Great job! I love the verse too. Looks quite tedious. Way to persevere. Stopping by from Brag Monday. Blessings...
    Saved By Love Creations

  9. That turned out beautifully! I am a little intimated with the idea of tracing out and the drawing the design it looks very tedious! Great job!

  10. Wow, you have created a true work of art! I wish I had a steady hand, but you make it look easy! Great job:)

  11. Oh Tonya, It is lovely. Well worth picking one so detailed too! I was working on 2 graphics from there. I can't wait to show it. Love the verse too!

  12. How do you come up with these things, let alone do them? Your house has to be the cutest thing ever.


  13. Wow! That is gorgeous and...tedious. You are a patient woman! Great job.

  14. Truly marvelous!! Your handpainting is simply stunning. And Moon would be a fitting mascot alongside my Barney over at Moonbeams & Fireflies.

  15. Beautifully done!

  16. It turned out beautiful. I am afraid I would of given up with all that detail.

  17. Id like to invite everyone to my blog Amish Stories today to read a post from old order Mennonite Jean of New York state. Jean has taken-in a foster child named Michael whose parents are no longer able to take care of him. He's English and Jeans family is old order Mennonite (horse and buggy) but that makes no difference in the love that this young man is receiving from this family. Thank you folks and i hope to see some of you drop by the blog. Richard

  18. Oh my word, this is absolutely stunning. Now I wouldn't have thought of that in a million years. You are so patient to trace all of that. Fabulous. I love the verse also, it is perfect. Thanks so much for the tutorial and for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  19. I just found you and I love your blog! This project is right up my alley! I'm currently refurbishing an old milk jug (in between homesteading efforts!) and I've been wondering what sort of 'design' I should put on there once it's repainted. I am going to check out the Graphics Fairy! Thanks and God Bless!

  20. Absolutely it was worth the effort. The detail is wonderful.

  21. Lovely!!! You are such a talented woman!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  22. Wow , Somthing almost useless becomes something of beauty once again ! Love your blog , I'm a new follower. Came over from Graphic Fairy .

  23. Beautiful! I followed the link from Graphics Fairy and I love your work, you are very blessed. Thank you for sharing how you did it, it really helps us beginners!

  24. Holy guacamole, your patience was rewarded with a gorgeous repurposed thermos! Jealous--I would not have that patience to do that!

  25. Oh my gosh, girl! You have the patience of Job!!!! THAT is one beautiful French thermos now! You did an amazing job on it!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  26. Absolutely perfect! I love what you did and thanks so much for showing us how you did it!

  27. this is terrific, i love it. i am new to "transferring" images onto anything so i was exccited to see how you did such a beautiful project. it may have been tedious, but it was so worth the end product.

  28. I have been transferring images from GF and have been putting this one off for a while. I am glad to see this gorgeous project done so well. Thanks for the inspiration! Now I know how it will look when I get up the courage to do it myself: Absolutely Beautiful! Just like yours!

  29. That looks GREAT!!! I hope you will share it at my Transfer Party!

  30. Wow! All I can say is you are very patient and very talented! You lost me at calligraphy pen! Came over via I heart naptime.

  31. Woman, you have some amazing hand skills! I just saw your putty chair. Keep up the good work!

  32. WOW! Great job! :) Following you now!

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