Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Taking Summer with Christmas.

Every year at Christmas time
I participate in a craft sale in town.

(Yes, Christmas on the brain already.
But, it's a lovely thought!)

The craft sales at Christmas
motivate me to make a little extra Christmas money 
for presents for friends and family;
it's a great way to have some things made for gifts as well.

These were especially good sellers last year:
I bought frames at second hand stores and yard sales
and then did some calligraphy work 
surrounded by dried, pressed leaves and flowers.
Anybody can write neatly,
if guided by lines to keep them straight.
A bit of practice and time can do wonders
(Okay, if you're a doctor or a college professor,
I've met some exceptions,
but there may be hope for you yet).

Even some old painted cabinet doors...
can be transformed into pretty wall art.

But of course, what really makes these pictures beautiful
is the dried leaves and flowers.

Last year, I ran out of them,
so this year,
I tried a few more selections,
adding a variety of flowers.

Queen Anne's Lace should be a beauty when dried.
I used some books to press them
that I knew I wouldn't be using for a while
and that were heavy and large
to hold the flowers better.

I'm hoping these thin roses will dry okay;
they aren't as thick as hybrid roses.

This pink yarrow was just too pretty to pass by.
I'm not sure how it will dry,
but I thought it worth a try.

And these airy purple veronica have such a long bloom season;

I hope they keep some of their color the way violets do
since I forgot to do some violets when they were dancing in the springtime grass.

These garden phlox seemed a bit wet and fragile...
but if they end up gluing themselves to the pages,
they won't be hated for it.

The thing I told myself the most last year
was to dry more greenery.

Even when all the flowers run out,
greenery alone can be so stunning... these interesting coral bell stalks...

which can also be broken up into little pieces.

The variety of coral bell leaves themselves
are promising of a bold touch;...

while the fairy-like leaves of the yarrow plant,

 will make a perfect background for any arrangement.

I even tried some thicker leaves that sported unusual patterns;
 I'll be sure to let you know how they turn out.

 Until that time,
They are safely tucked away under some heavy books
where little prying hands will not discover them...

 I hope.

If you'd like to try a fun and easy craft
that even your kids might enjoy,
get out for a walk and pick some pretty plants to press.

They look really sweet on cards, too;

Is there any of us who wouldn't love a good excuse to go take a refreshing walk?

"Consider the lilies how they grow:
they toil not, they spin not;
and yet I say unto you,
that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these."
Luke 12:27

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  1. those are gorgeous! love love love the use of the cabinet door!!!

  2. I love putting Scripture on my wall and would probably buy one!! You do great work Tonya...hope your sale is blessed!

  3. Beautiful! They will all be a beautiful work of art in the future!! :)

  4. I hope you'll show us pictures of the beautiful plaques you make for this year.


  5. I used to go mushroom hunting in the spring with my dad when I was little. He'd come home with a bag full of morel mushrooms and I'd come home with a bag full of wildflowers. Such good memories. I need to take my WeeMan next year.

  6. Are they going to Tammy's or Grandmom's? I love the door! I hope little Lillie doesn't want to read any of those books

  7. Wow, you made some beautiful things! I think that even working slowly I would not be able to do this. I think my writing tends to slant up; even with lines I'd be challenged! : )


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