Thursday, October 27, 2011

Birds, Gourds, and Snowman Babies?

2 weeks.

(Thrift finds awaiting transformation into Christmas ornaments.)

That's how much time I realized I have
to get all my crafts done for the local Christmas craft sale.
  (A cupboard door
and some inspiration
await on my easel.)

A local Bed and Breakfast transforms their house into a fun store
in their beautiful house,
and it is a fantastic way to sell crafts.  
They have hundreds of different crafters
and probably thousands of shoppers
that come through in the 4 weeks that they are open.

I also work up some crafts for Tammy,
one of my best and dearest friends all the way back
from my teenage years
that you can meet
who also turns the main floor of her house into a fun store.

With that being said,
I thought I'd take a blogging break
so I can paint my life away.
 (Baby snowmen.)

instead, I thought I'd post pictures of my progress,
every day or two,

to share the fun,...
 (Clay birds for birdhouse gourd ornaments.)

 ...give you some really early Christmas cheer,

   (Clay candy canes.)

...and help motivate me to 


(Would you hate me if I admitted 
this is really one of my biggest reasons?
You fun, fabulous people really motivate me!)

  (Gourd ornament assortment in waiting.)

(These snowman got some color to their pure white complexions last night.)

I will miss getting around to your blogs
(those of you who have them);

 (I worked on my easel painting a little today).

until I can put my paintbrush down...

 (Even the fish has to share his space for clay Christmas stars.)

...and find sanity in this house again,
I need to get off this computer.

 (My assorted ideas have arisen from their storage place in the basement
to help inspire me.

Please inspire me,
snowmen cuteness.)

I will have to help some little crafters as well,
trying to kindly advise
and unnoticeably touch-up.

  (Levi's ornaments to sell.)

 Violet's ornaments...
waiting for their hats.

So please excuse me,
so I can make some extra funds toward Christmas gifts,
maybe a fun extra gift for my farmer.

I have a $ goal in my mind,
and I'm going to work and pray toward it.

Now, where did that cup of coffee go?

I'll be enjoying your company greatly in the coming days,
sweet coffee.


  1. good luck, ms. creative artist! get busy now! :)

  2. Wow, so much cuteness on the go and I love the nuthatch on your mug! :)

  3. I hope you make all the Christmas money you need...and then some!

    Have fun!!


  4. That's a lot of ground to paint in 2 weeks! Good luck - Stay calm and paint on!!! (Love those gourd birdhouses and the baby snowmen!!! Too sweet!) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. That's a lot to tackle... but you've got some great ideas! Good luck and keep that coffee pot going!

  6. You will need that coffee and we do understand and we aren't going anywhere : )


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