Monday, October 31, 2011

Pretty Birds to the Rescue

Hello!  I hope your weekend was GREAT!

Here's something I fixed up for the Christmas Craft Sale:

A small stand of drawers from the second-hand store
was green.

Very green...

with red underneath;

Christmas with John Deere.

A coat of slate black chalk paint,
then a light green,
 and finally a wash of white.

I picked out some Spencerian images

Charcoal pencil on the back of the image,

placement on the furniture,

tracing of the image,
 and then outlined with my calligraphy dip pen
with permanent brown ink.
(I also added and rearranged some of the
swirls around the birds)

After dried, 
I added some hint of colors to the birds.

A coat of clear and then brown wax
some new knobs:

 Now, I just hope it will sell.

 I'm almost done with about 30 gourd ornaments
(just waiting for the German glass glitter to arrive),

and around 10 snowman basket ornaments.

Now on to the furniture and small household pieces.
One week left to go.

Of course,
the surprise snowfall that came on Levi's birthday
made painting ornaments 
with Christmas music
and candles burning
a fun task.

I think Levi thought the snow was for his birthday.


  1. You've gotten a lot done! And, they look great! I like what you did to the stand of drawers. I hope it sells too!

    Love the snow picture (even if it was before Halloween!)!

  2. I think it will all sell. So creative!

    Can't believe it snowed for Halloween...


  3. er...I mean...for Levi's birthday!


  4. beautifully done. if i attended a Christmas craft sale that is exactly the type of piece i'd be looking for!

  5. I absolutely love it. My favorite by far and I wish I could buy it. I know the shipping would be outrageous. It'll find a happy home!

    Sounds like you made a beautiful time out of a snowy day!

    Happy Birthday to Levi!

  6. I would buy it!! Always amazed at your creativity!

  7. WOW! How beautiful! I love the little touch of color on the birds...too fabulous!
    I'd love for you to link this up to my Fresh Friday Link Party!

  8. that is gorgeous! Love, love, love the distressed finish & the paint colour.

  9.'ll sell! To me if I were within striking distance!! Love it!!! And as lovely as that photo is - and as much as it tickled Levi, there's just something wrong about a White Halloween!! Stay Calm and Keep on Crafting!! (Good Luck!!) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. Beautiful set of drawers now!! Happy Belated Birthday Levi! Everything looks great, Tonya!! :)

  11. Beautiful set of drawers now!! Happy Belated Birthday Levi! Everything looks great, Tonya!! :)

  12. Beautiful! And it looks like you have some great ornaments in the works. I just tried German glass glitter for the first time. I was doubtful whether it would be any more special than regular glitter but it definitely has that special glow.

  13. Wow. I would totally buy this! It's gorgeous! And how fun to have snow while you're working on these projects! Although I hope you didn't have to freeze doing it! So many power losses.

  14. Absolutely gorgeous chest of drawers!

  15. You are a master transformer, Stunning work. Thats a pile of snow, happy birthday to your little one.
    Keep smiling and creating

  16. Thank you for your step by step with the little bird images and the dresser.. such care you took.. I love it..and so happy I popped by from over at at the GF!


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  18. I love the birds! You make it look so easy! I am totally going to try that. Thank you for sharing. It looks great.

  19. how turned out so cool! Love it

  20. So cute! Love the addition of the graphics, I'm sure it will sell in now time :)

  21. Great Idea on how to stencil on a design. We do alot of kitchen cabinet painting, so Im sure that this can be used on either the painted doors or the ends to really spruce it up. Cant wait to try this. So simple it will even work for my non-artistic self. LOL


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