Friday, October 7, 2011

Picking up the Paintbrush...

 The other night,
I looked at my fireplace and thought,
"Nope, I can't wait anymore."

I had plans of painting it for some time
especially since my husband so sweetly applied the molding 
where the fireplace meets the ceiling;
and when the urge strikes,
and the kids are sleeping,
I try to act on it.

 The off-white that I chose looks bright
and decorating the mantel took on a whole new light.

I headed to the attic to retrieve some things I had stored up there
not knowing how to fit them in before...

 like this old bread board from my husband's grandfather.

I had painted the wording and flowers on it several years back,

but it is still one of my favorites.

The color of the wood is so rich,
it seems to speak of a quaint life long ago.

 This old picture was originally a splurge I bought for the frame...
which seemed a lot to me since we had put
all our long-earned savings into buying our farm.

Most things I find, I have to really thing about it and wait,
and see if I really love it after a month,
but this frame was one that I adored.

It was at an older lady's antique barn
where she had all sorts of beautiful, old things.
The funny thing is, when I got it home,
I fell in love with the picture as well,
and decided to hang it as it was.

I think the memorable clock shows better coloring
against the brighter wall.

 This picture of my mother's grandparents with some of their children
is a favorite of mine as well.

This paper tray was at a local antique mall,
and I had run my fingers over it and checked to see if it was still there
for several months.

Do you ever see something you love
but just can't get past the price to buy?

When I went in on my last visit,
it was on sale for a good bit less,
so I snatched it up.

I painted it the same color as the fireplace wall.

 It holds some of my favorite books 
as well as old and new magazines.

 The paint was applied in a rough way
showing the color beneath.

 I like the way my fall mantel looks.

Now I just need to get the rest of the room painted.

If any of you would like to come and help,
I may get the urge to start any minute now...

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  1. Boy, that really brightens things up. I love the God Bless Our Home sign you made.


  2. I'll come help you, if you come help me with your creative touches!!!!

  3. I thought it looked nice before, but the whiter color really pops everything. It looks so pretty with a twist of modern and old. Love it and you did a nice job decorating.

    I do the same thing! I shop at garage sales but mostly thrift stores. If I see something I want or like, I usually wait and look around for a while and after a time if I still want it, I get it or I just simply wait a few months too. Every dollar counts so we have to be wise.

    Great choices you've made. LOVE the old cutting board!

  4. you're just too energized and too crafty for me. i'd just get in your way...

  5. Your family must love all the crafty changes you make. I bet they really admire your abilities also. I know I do!

  6. That is lovely. You did a great job!

  7. I really like your finished product...the fact that all of your accessories have stories to them, makes it so charming. It may take more time to decorate that way, but the end result is so much more rewarding. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I really like it Tonia. It is beautiful! :)

  9. It's only about 12:30 a.m. but I won't let that stop me if you need some help. :)
    The little magazine stand is perfect for your needs and fits in nicely.
    Isn't this a great time of year. How I would love to live out in the country on a farm. It sounds wonderful and you sound very happy! That's a GOOD thing!

  10. Using 'what you've got' is the best of all decorating plans :)


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