Monday, November 28, 2011

A (Chalk Painted) White Christmas (Tree).

Did you ever tell yourself as a child that you would
NEVER have an artificial tree?

My parents never had an artificial tree,
and I remember feeling like this made them top-knotch parents.

Well, somewhere along the way,
I fell off the wagon on my way to top-knotchedness.

When we were first married,
I dragged one out of the woods at my parents house,
and we had our first Charlie Brown Christmas tree,
complete with baler twine tacking it to the windowsill
so we wouldn't have any tipping going on.

Suffice it to say,
somewhere along the way,
I succumbed to artificial Christmas trees.
I consoled myself with the thought that someday, 
when our kids were old enough,
we'd get beyond the idea of putting out $30 for a tree that would be dead
shortly after we'd plunked down that money.

Do somebody just say, "Scrooge"?

But before you risk getting your computer screen unsanitized
with well-deserved hissing,
let me pardon my offenses with this:

Earlier this fall,
we set out and planted about 10 evergreens along the fence line
for a future pine-scented Christmas.

Now if we could just keep the "Rudolphs" from rubbing
all the brances off,
as they've already done to one,
we might have a real tree for Christmas
a few years from now.

While at the charity store the other day picking up old bread for our pig,
I just happened to wander around the store
and came upon a White Christmas tree.

(Are you singing it yet?)

Anyhow, I have had this keen interest in white Christmas trees the last few years,
being married to (and mostly ingrained myself in)
all things "Tight Wad Gazette,"
the price tag of store trees just ended my 
"...dreaming of a white Christmas."

Also, the seasoned artificial tree in the attic seemed to call angrily
to me for even thinking of replacing him,
so I thought I'd get the little white tree to sell at the Christmas Open House.

Being strangely nailed to a scrap board
and having patches of dirty, stained branches,
I hosed it off,
and then set about using some 
home-made white chalk paint
(white paint mixed with as much Plaster Paris to get the consistency you want).

The results were a much whiter tree,
more evenly colored.

 One word of warning if you should decide to ad white paint to evergreen type branches:
Painting on spiny needles causes paint splatter.

I realized this a bit late.

 But it washed off eventually.

 After I'd removed the scrap board,
I broke up some unneeded terracotta drain pipe
and put the pieces in a plastic bag in the bottom of a second-hand plant pot.
I then added the Christmas tree stand with tree,
put a few more pieces of terra cotta on top of the tree stand,
and mixed up some Plaster Paris,
pouring enough in to hold the tree firmly in the pot.

After this dried for several days,
I added a scrap of old velvet,
also found at the charity store.

I added some ornaments I made
(and a couple I bought at the Open House Craft Sale to fit the style of the tree)...

 which I will show you how to make tomorrow.

 It is an unfortunate thing that "White Christmas" was not finished in time
to get placed in the Open House Craft Sale,

so it has had to be put on display at our house.


 I am very sorry I have been MIA this last week.
I wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.
I hope it was a meaningful and treasured day for you.

I had an out-of-state guest come for a visit,
let's just say I had to unbury the house
from all the craft-creating debris 
and children-idling explosions.

By the time I was done each night,
my eyes wouldn't stay opened to get here.

 The craft sales have gone well,
I'm happy and thankful to report that I met my goal,
and there is still one more weekend of the craft shows.

Here's a 2-sided wall board I adapted from images at
The Graphic Fairy's blog that I did for one of the sales:
 (winter scene side)

 (summer scene side)

 Until tomorrow then:
thanks for stopping in!


  1. The two-sided scene is such a good idea. That would make me want to buy it! Two for the price of one is always welcome.

    As for the white tree, I love it. Which really surprises me, because I am a "real tree" kind of person. But that one is charming and magical.


  2. Your post title drew me in.. Chalk Painted Christmas Tree... that must have been a project.. and I'm trying to imagine the
    Looks good to me.. great job and I think it's lovely.
    Happy Holidays

  3. I'm singing, I'm singing...although there are a few two many syllables to make the melody truly flow correctly - ha!

    Thanks for a lovely post! I really enjoyed this little visit this morning!

  4. You get my prize for "Most Creative" today for using chalk paint on a Christmas tree! I would have never thought of that. I am hoping to go with a "snow/snowflake" theme this year so I will probably be stealing your idea and using chalk paint to re-purpose some stuff I already have. Thanks for sharing...I saw your post over at "Under the Table and Dreaming".

  5. I would've never thought of chalk painting a Christmas tree, but it looks great! Thank you so much for sharing.
    Blessings, Becky

  6. how awesome for you! glad the sales went well! and even more to go!

    darn, about the white tree having to stay behind... :)

  7. I never heard of painting a tree, no less chalk painting. It turned out fantastic - all dreamy and everything. I'm a new follower, please drop by for a visit when you can.

  8. I am playing catch up after completing our olive harvest and setting up my own photography blog so i have not been around much either! It has been lovely to scroll through your delightful posts this evening. I have never ever had an artificial tree but yours does look pretty.!

  9. That truly is a shame that you have to display that tree in your home... ;o) I've never been a "white" tree kind of person myself (we have enough of the real white stuff to keep my interest in all things green piqued....) - but this one truly is charming. mind went to mess when you first hinted at the word paint....I'd truly have to find a safety zone to take on something like that. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving - and that you met your goal. YIPPEE!! Have a wonderful week ahead....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

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  11. What a great upcycle. Love the big bulbs. It's a winter winner.

  12. How beautiful it turned out and worth every spatter!
    I have always loved white or silver Christmas trees and have never felt comfortable hacking down a live tree, but then I am the weird one in my family...:)
    Tina xo

  13. Precious post, thanks for sharing, it has started my day off with a smile:)

  14. Now that's a first! You've got to be the only one who's ever even though of attempting such a thing. But why not? Paint makes everything look better! haha! I would just LOVE for you to share this over at Trash 2 Treasure Tuesdays on the Korner.

  15. Your tree is simply gorgeous! It looks so cosy :)

  16. Beautiful! This is perfect:) I am seriously loving your post! It is so informative and I think my subscribers would really enjoy reading this. I would love for you to come share it at Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways on Frugally Sustainable ( I really hope that you will put Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways on your list of carnivals to visit and link to each Wednesday!

    Andrea @ Frugally Sustainable
    Here's the link:

  17. Absolutely beautiful tree. I say it's a keeper.


  18. I loved hearing about your tree, but what really drew me in was homemade chalk paint. Seriously?! Is this like the Annie Sloan kind? Can I paint my piano with it. Do tell!

  19. I've always loved white trees and yours is spectacular! (via Graphics Fairy)

  20. Would luv for you to add it in our linking party, so our readers will discover this awesome project at
    Have a great week,

  21. I have just discovered your blog, & I have to say, I love what you create! This tree is so fabulous!


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