Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tour of the Craft Sale.

The craft sale at the local Bed and Breakfast
called Grandma's Holiday Crafts has been going on for two extended weekends now
It will go on for another two weeks.
I also have some things over at Homespun Crafts
(which will be open for two weekends (Thursday-Saturday).
Between the two, I'm hopeful to meet my goal.

Here are some pictures from Grandma's Holiday Craft Sale:
to give you a taste of it:

Come on in!

(not sure why I sound like I have something in my teeth in my videos lately;
I'll have to work on that.)

(Please excuse my phone ringing that interrupts the video.)

(And I need to work on my wording BEFORE I start taping.
I should have said "the amazing aroma."
"Smell" sounds so...

Okay, so I'm NOT good at the acting thing.

Moving on.)

(This picture was from last year)

The main room.

There is a HUGE assortment of unique Christmas ornaments,
all hand-made.

Also on the first floor is the sweets/treats room:

(I was referring to the lollypops for stocking stuffers.
The cookies wouldn't make it past a day.)

I love these washcloths.
They are soft and substantial.;
I always pick up a few for myself and for gifts.

There are rooms filled on the second floor as well.

(last year)

One of the rooms has antique items.

This section has fun animal treats for sale
for those who want to show some extra Christmas love
to their pets.


This room is always my favorite.
The ornaments in here are made to look vintage,
sometimes from using vintage pieces,
and sometimes just by careful craftsmanship.

Here are some of the items I have somewhere in this craft store:

(The birds in these pieces were adapted from an image
Thank you, Graphics Fairy!)

These wreaths were made from pieces of garland and home made chalk paint.
They were fun to make:
I plan to put up the tutorial on them soon.

Now off to finish the last of my painting.
Today is my last day of it.
I've promised myself.



  1. wow! that place is chock-full of everything! what a great place to hold it - and devote different rooms to different things! i LOVE your nubbly gourd birdhouses. i'd have to buy one of those!!! good luck!

  2. oh, and you made me LOL on the acting thing. :)

  3. Wowser. Good thing I don't live anywhere near this sale!



  4. Wow!!! I'd be in some serious trouble there! It's amazing how much stuff there is! And some very unique things it looks like! What a gorgeous venue too!!! Wishing you the best of success and hoping you make your goals....Have a blessed holiday....Smiles & Thanksgiving Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Eeek! I love it all! I especially LOVE the penguin gourds! My youngest daughter loves 'penguinos' and they are just so cute!

  6. My mom makes those same wash cloths for me every year, and I love them!

    I wish I could be taking the tour in person. Looks like lots of shopping fun!


  7. Oh my unbelievable. I love everything. Thanks so much for joining TTT and Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs, Marty


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