Friday, November 11, 2011

Using Silhouettes.

Many moons ago,
when I was a teenager and money was well nigh near non-existant,
I came upon these books at a store.

They were half off,
but they were still a great sacrifice for me to make.

But, let me tell you,
I am glad I did.
 There were 4 of this type
and I have used and reused them for ideas
a ridiculous amount of times.
Does this look familiar?
This was the inspiration for the rock that I painted
that is in the header to my blog.

The ideas in these books never grow old to me:

There are children clips,


funny clips,


Western clips,

 sentimental clips,

unique Christmas clips,

 and plenty of animal clips;...
 and that's just touching the surface.

I have a bunch of cupboard doors that my aunt gave me.
 Using chalk paint has motivated me to paint them:
no more sanding!

 I decided to use the green one with a sihouette clip art that I found
of some cows.

 I added some landscape ideas I found in a few other books,
and this verse I found.

I'd never noticed this verse before,
and thought it was perfect for this scene:

I have to admit that I painted this particular board
and priced it rather high
so that if it doesn't sell at the craft sale...
there is a perfect spot for it in my living room.

The only problem is,
usually when I paint things for myself,
they seem to sell.

I wonder if that's what is meant by putting one's soul into artwork?

Oh, dear.
Did I just admit there is cow-love deep in my soul?

I better end this discussion and get back to the paint brush.
I got a nice truckload in to the first craft sale
and hope to post pictures of it this weekend
(I even got a little bit of video).

Now I need to finish up my pieces for my friend's sale.

Happy weekend to you,


  1. Nice work. I hope you get to keep it!


    PS. But I'll bet you won't....

  2. i do love that verdant pasture scene. :) good luck with the sale!

  3. I secretly love cows too. It's ok... ;o) Happy painting! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. I love the rock in your header! Is there nothing you can't do? I hope you are selling this stuff. After being at a craft show all day, I know for a fact that your stuff is better than most.

  5. Absolutely beautiful! I love them all. My "favoritist" is the Western silhouttes!

  6. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant idea!

    And I have that silhouette book, too!

  7. i love your post! thanks for sharing...God bless you...

  8. It is lovely!!! I thought that your kids inspired the rock silhouette. I can't wait to see your things. I did see s few at Grandma's:)

  9. So creative, Tanya. I sure wish you would do a monthly column for me on design and decor.

    Think about it.

    Big hugs,



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