Friday, November 11, 2011

Unexpected Purple

There she is...

I have to stop.
There's no denying the sight I see.
Nothing can draw me away.
The view before me demands my response.
I set my paint brush down, grabbing the nearest rag and quickly wiping the colored streaks that have managed to stain my fingers.  I hurry, afraid the moment will pass.

Tossing the rag back onto the table-cloth covered table, grabbing my camera, I fall to my knees and snap the photos.

The images break sunlight into my soul.
Smiles bloom, like bubbles erupting under that spray of a laughing waterfall.

She turns to see me...

and the camera is set aside as she flings herself into my arms

to finish the momentary magic with her sticky, giddy hugs; her arms wrapping around my neck,

her little form still relinquishing the last echos of wonderful baby scents.


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  1. What an absolutely beautiful post! I know exactly how you feel-those moments you simply must capture forever.
    The Beauty of Eclecticism

  2. Thank you for bringing a sweet smile into my day :-)

  3. That's lovely! My daughter is got married this year, but even so I can see her in my mind's eye like your little sparkle of unexpected sweetness. Thanks for the memory of my own sweet girl!

  4. Beautiful, so full of truth with a full heart.

  5. No editing required. What an amazing capture of innocence, sweetness...and purple. You are blessed...Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. It's those small moments that make motherhood so wonderful. Glad you were able to capture this one!


  7. Such Precious Moments!! She is adorable!!! :)

  8. She is so cute and so purple! Mine has been such a trial today that it was so great to sweetness of yours!


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