Saturday, December 10, 2011

Trees, Scissors, Paper.

I've had so much fun looking at some of the blog parties:

Inspiration seems to abound all over the place at Christmas time!

Christmas dinner will be at my house this year:
Usually, we go to my parent's house,
but since the porch is enclosed now,
we have a nice place to feast.
It will be fun to relax and play games in the early evening
and not have to hurry home to feed the cows
the way we usually have to.

Of course, I'm just a little bit excited about the idea of
decorating the porch for our Christmas dinner.

Not wanting to spend a lot of money,
I started with some ideas I'd seen on blogs,
as well as some beautiful images from The Graphics Fairy.
 I love what I've seen with canning jars this season:
waterless snow-globes with little Christmas trees.

I adapted this idea for some flying birds.
In my editting program,
I cut and pasted and reversed some of the images of the bird I found,
cut them out,
pasted thread between two opposing birds,
then glue-gunned the other end of the string to the top part of the jar.

I also glued a bit of blue glass glitter on the birds.

 Along with the jars of birds,
I printed out a few of the vintage images I liked,
glued them to some pretty scrap-booking paper,
and then put them into some contact paper
to keep them from getting dirty or wet.

I put a different image on the front and back...
 to make it a little more interesting.

Using things that I already had,
 along with a few inexpensive ornaments I found
made the table look festive and ready for Christmas.

The idea of putting epsom salts in the base to look like snow
was one that I read on somebody else's blog.

 I found these fun clear glass pieces at the Salvation Army,
along with the red glass votive holders
for a small cost.
 They made a different alternative to the snow-globe look,
but I was so happy to have them as I thought too many canning jars on the table
might look too predictable.

For the centerpiece,
I found another glass dish stand at the Salvation Army
and paired it what a tall glass container I found.
It has a lid that screws on,
so I put the bulbs and a golden bead garland I found in it,
screwed on the lid and put it upside down
on the other glass stand.

It feels pretty secure,...
so I added some epsom salts 
to  hide the lid.

The tall glass jar ads some nice height,
and I'll use it to store my spaghetti
when it's festive days are over.

 Of course,
the colorful sparkling trees are my favorite part.

To a few plain green bottle brush trees that I had and didn't like,
I changed out the bases to old wooden spools,
cut them into different sizes, layering the branches
and added white paint and glitter.

To the red trees,
I just added some glitter to their bases to liven them up.

 I love the variety of the trees!

I am so thankful for other blogs,
for women who share their creativity and fun, 
inexpensive ways
to make the four walls of our houses...
 into fun, festive homes!


  1. I always admire your creativity where ever you get your inspiration from it always looks great.

  2. What a magical tablescape you've created! I absolutely LOVE it!! Wish I were coming to your home for dinner! I love the tree snow globes - I've seen them out and about on the blogs, but they seemed "fussier" to do - I like the Epsom salts idea - hmmmm....wonder if I have any....And the big jar with the bulbs in the center is gorgeous....I have some glass containers on my mantel that I put my humble collection of vintage ornaments in, and the light that plays off of them is bewitching....Happy Saturday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Wow, your table is stunning! What a beautiful Christmas table you have prepared! Absolutely stunning. You are quite talented!

    Many blessings,

  4. How lovely! Looks magical.

  5. Your centerpiece vignette is absolutely stunning. I love your brush trees and all of your bottles and jars are fabulous. So beautiful and so creative. You did an amazing job. Thanks for linking everything up to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  6. You have created so many beautiful things here. Your table looks amazing!

  7. So festive! Thanks for sharing. I'm a new follower, so I won't miss any of your great ideas. Stop by if you get a chance and enter to win my Heirloom ornament for your tree...only 1 day left to enter. Warm wishes, Lori

  8. Very pretty! My favorite part is the birds in the mason jar. New follower here. Would love it if you would stop by and share this at my linky party going on right :)

    Happy Holidays!!


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