Monday, December 12, 2011

Messages in my House.

She leaves them everywhere.

 She keeps notes and draws pictures...

 and sometimes I can't decipher what she's thinking.

Other times, I can read the emotion in her heart:
what she is thinking and feeling.

Sometimes they make me laugh and her perspective might be a little one-sided.

 But I like to know what she's thinking,
so I can know where I may have failed her
and can try harder to see things with respect to her,
as a little person.

And then there is the moment when I see something from last year,
along with an added portion from this year,
and I can see where her education may need some improvement,
 but also the happy realization that in many ways, she has improved,
and is listening,...

and learning;

what is working for her
what is not.

And then I am brought back to my pending reality
 (This picture was taken a few days back, of course:
it gets updated first thing when her feet touch the bedroom floor).

Which reminds me,
 I better go get those Christmas cards done.

But I'm thankful and delight in
the bits of paper
that let me see
some pieces of her heart.


  1. Oh my. This was a heart warming post.

    Absolutely precious.

  2. Violet is a very sweet girl...what a treasure for future reminders of her thoughts as a child!

  3. truly a window into her heart. :)

  4. Wow - how very precious. I sense some pretty amazing things in store for Violet - she a very special child.....Thanks for letting us "peek" inside her heart a bit too.....Wishing you a wonderful week....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. How fun it must be to find those little notes all over the house. You are blessed.


  6. How beautiful...a touching post! Such treasures she is creating daily! Thanks for sharing...hugs...Debbie

  7. How perfectly sweet! Thank you for the visit and the sweet comment @TheDedicatedHouse. It means the world. Hope you have a grand day! Toodles, Kathryn


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