Monday, January 2, 2012

Baaaad Approach to Painting.

 I don't like sheep.
Well, it's not that I don't like them,
I just don't know them well.

Let me explain:

There is one down-side to being a painter:
people like to utilize it.
It's nice of them really,
to find things to paint for them
so when it comes to Christmas or their birthday,
I don't have to wonder what they'd like.

And that they have that kind of confidence in my ability
is humbling.

And a bit fear-instilling.

My sister-in-law gave me a metal bucket with a lid a couple years back,
maybe a few more years than that,
and told me I could paint her something on it for Christmas.

Well, this Christmas, I decided the bucket needed to go,
so I kicked it.

Just kidding.
I'm still here.
I couldn't resist.

 Okay, so I base-coated the area I decided to paint with slate colored
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

 (You can tell by my paint cans that I am a very neat person).

I mixed up some colors for sky:
brown, red, white, and yellow,...

and painted it on loosely,
letting the center area be slightly lighter
and the top and bottom skyline be a bit darker.

I added the ground, too.

Then I was stuck.

I thought about letting the bucket sit for another season...



 My sister-in-law raises Icelandic sheep.

I don't like painting sheep.

You'd think they're just cotton balls on legs, 
toothpicks for legs would do;
but that is a very wrong misconception.

They actually have a skeletal structure under that mass of woolly mess,
and some facial features as well.

I found a nice image on the Graphic's Fairy blog


and one I liked on Pinterest:

I roughly drew and then base-coated them in.


And then the time came that I just kept stalling...

trying out different paint-brushes,...

"I don't like sheep."

checking on,
and then consuming,
more hot chocolate;...

trying to find a decent movie or something worth watching
on one of the two channels we get;

checking to see if my shirt was dry so I could iron it for the next day.

Finally, I stopped to ad background


and pieces of sheep,

as I felt ready to conquer these frustrating creatures.

It's surprising I didn't wake up this one
with my random,

"I hate sheep!"

But he was coming down with the flu at the time,
so he was gone.

Poor man.

I had something that resembled sheep.

These guys, I think, are better viewed at a distance.
A true shepherd might laugh at their cartoonish appearance.

Still, the deed was done
and the gift given.


no more expectations of sheep.

I might just glue on cotton balls with toothpicks.


  1. Beautiful sheep! Sheep'll (I mean she'll) looove it. I adore sheep. Not baaaad, not baaad at all...
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  2. I think you did a fantastic job! I love the paintings.


  3. they are beautiful! but i can relate to that expectation that you can draw/paint anything and the intimidation that comes with it! you did a great job!

  4. Well for someone who hates sheep you did a really great job!.. Love it!

    Over from Brag Monday!


  5. I agree you did a terrific job - I'd never have guessed that you felt so vehemently about sheep.

  6. I'm sure she loved it!

    How lucky they are to be able to just ask for a piece of art and get one...You are a very good relative to have.


  7. Love your creativity! And I love sheep--you can look deeply into their eyes and see....nothing! Ha!

  8. Ohhh....I LOVE sheep!!! Being a non-painter (or should I say "ex-painter," but one who only took on one sheep ever and it was NOT intended to fall in the realism school), I can't say I've ever thought about the "challenges" that come with portraying them in paint....You will have me looking differently at every painted sheep from now on. And for the record, I think you did an amazing job....If sis isn't satisfied with your wonderful gift, perhaps we can work something out.... ;o) Wishing you a smile-filled week.....Hugs ~ Robin

  9. As some who loves sheep, I adore your painted can. You can paint sheep they are beautiful and their faces show character.

    J x

  10. I think your sheep turned out to be adorable!!! And as a fellow painter I can totally relate to being "stuck" - but you worked through it in fine shape! Here's to hanging in there!

    Happy New Year!

  11. well, for someone who doesnt like sheep you sure painted them well! it looks great!~

  12. I think you did a fantastic job!! I love them and I'm not a big fan of sheep myself! Great job!!!

  13. LOL! Well that bucket looks fantastic! The sheep are just adorable! Visting from Life Made Lovely.

  14. Lovely turn out despite your dislike of sheep! I am not a sheep person either. I have a link up on 1 of my sites like up anytime its on the navigation bar. You are living the life I once led. Now I live in a small city & in town. Happy New Year! A new follower. Theresa aka Fawn on

  15. Maybe I should proof read! lol (link up)

  16. Are you a natural born artist or did you take art lessons? I love your work. I so wish I could paint, but what I see in my mind doesn't translate to my hands. Doggone.

  17. Does that mean you won't make another for me? I LOVE sheep and I LOVE this. I Want! (sigh)

  18. I think you better start liking sheep, cause you a super job!! I adore sheep, but I've never tried to paint them, I'm sure your sil is thrilled!! thanks so much for linking up with VIF! xo

  19. Terrific job! Thank you for linking this lovely post to Potpourri Friday!

  20. Another wonderful Post!
    Love the sheep! You are very talented.

  21. I am sure she loved it! I need a family member that paints...well one that paints so I know what it is!! I have several things in my head....but painters in my family, unless of course you count my husband who thinks he can paint walls...shhh, I didn't say that!

  22. i'm sorry....i LOVE sheep too...and i thing the pail is adorable...i bet she loved it!


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