Thursday, January 5, 2012

What to Do to Keep Away the Flu.

What do you do for the flu?
I  used the term "hate" a little too quickly in my regards to sheep
in my previous post.

I don't really hate sheep.

I just felt a little vehemently toward them while in the middle of painting them.

I do hate the flu though.

There's nothing to like about that.

When my husband got a flu-type sickness last week,
(which he has never had before that I know of:
he just never gets sick),
I was worried I'd have three little flu's going on
and myself to have to take care of them;
that being if I didn't get sick as well.

I didn't want the flu spreading.
So, here's what I do to try to keep the flu away:
 I mix up a concoction of ginger ale and elderberry juice.
Elderberry has been shown to cut the flu down immensely.
We grow elderberry shrubs,
but the crop from them the past two years has not been very good.
Here is some excellent information on why elderberries are so good
for the flu:
>click here:<

I found the elderberry juice drinks at a discount store a while back.
They taste pretty good.

But when they run out,
we'll go back to these:
 I picked up these at the health store.
They don't taste as good.

But they work, so we take them.

 I also take some vitamins and supplements:
 These are all helpful sickness crushers.
The kids have their more tasty chewable versions.
I'm careful about my selection of them as well:
why they would put food coloring in something that is supposed to be healthy
as well as in medicines boggles my mind.

 Liquid intake is a constant to prevent/abate sickness.
This tea is like medicinal gold.
 I had a friend visit over Thanksgiving weekend,
and she had a sniffle and was looking rather pale toward the end of the day.
She told me she was starting to feel a bit sick,
so I cooked up some of this tea with honey.
You know it's good tea when you
recognize and can pronounce all the ingredients.

Within a half hour after drinking this,
along with a Tablespoon of Elderberry,
she raved at how well she felt.
She looked much better too.

The tea does not taste like raspberry tarts,
but when you know what it's doing,
you drink it down.
It tastes to me like the way the health food store smells:

 This silver is my newest friend.
I have used it only in the last week to prevent the flu,
but I could tell a difference after my first dose.
It has no taste.
It's supposed to be the strongest form of natural antibiotic
one can take.
It's a sickness killer.
To read further about the great reasons to use silver
click on the link.

The book "Nourishing Traditions" has become my source of pleasure reading.
I never dreamed there would be a day when I'd chose a healthy cook book
as my fun reading.

I find all kinds of information in it that makes me want to revamp my whole life.

But baby steps it must be,
it seems.

Here's a baby step I just tried from this book.
Can you guess what it is?

It is "ginger ale",
but, it tasted kind of salty to me.
I think it must be for helping to beef up one's electrolytes
lost during sickness.
(It almost had a Gatorade taste to it.)

Perhaps if I want to make something a bit more tasty,
I could try the Ginger Ale recipe from

Do you have any helpful advice for chasing away the flu blues?

(The information shared is my opinion; I am not a doctor.
I apply Bandaids pretty well, though).

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  1. can't say that i do. used to take echinacea but it's been years ago now. orange juice for Vit C. lots of water (but i try to do that anyway). thanks for the tip on the elderberry juice. will look into that more. :)

  2. I like the tea idea and elderberry juice--Thanks for sharing. Must stock up.

  3. I like the new look of your blog too!!!!!

  4. I think Vitamin D3 helps, too.

    And I will have to try that wellness tea.


  5. Here's another little tip that will FOR SURE AND FOR CERTAIN help your family members NOT pass their flu germs around to each other.

    MOVE YOUR TOOTHBRUSHES away from each other. We use a toothbrush holder around here when we're well - - - with just 2 toothbrushes they aren't in THAT much danger of touching. But when hubby gets sick I move my toothbrush WAY AWAY from his. Many is the time I've avoided getting his "germans" that way.


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