Saturday, March 24, 2012

Stepping Up to the Chalk Board.

A couple weeks ago,
a blogger I enjoy reading named
Miss Mustardseed showed a chalkboard she had done:

and stated that she had tried it because of a woman named
(If you click on Dana's name, you can see some of her amazing work)

Who would of thought one could be so talented on a chalkboard!

Needless to say,
I wanted to try...
to a MUCH smaller extent,
of course.

I knew a large project of this type might render me bald by the time I was done,
or fingernail-less.

 and decided to use the back of it.

 After painting two coats of the chalkboard paint on it...
I borrowed my daughter's school ruler
and began a much harder adventure than I had imagined.

I sketched an image I'd found from the Graphics Fairy,

and experimented with some different lettering ideas.

I have to tell you,
I had to get up and leave it a couple times
and come back another day or two when I was feeling fresh again.

I got some advice
(thanks, Mom)
that it needed some color,
so here is my minimal attempt at being an artsy school teacher.

My miniature version was a fun experiment,

 and I have a very high regard for chalkboard artists now.

 Sometimes it's fun to challenge oneself and take a chance at something new.
I learned that some things are much harder than they seem:
I think I'll stick to paints.

Have you tried anything challenging lately?

To be amazed and see
Dana Tanamachi in action,


  1. I like that takes me back to school days xx

  2. PERFECT! I love it...great job! The colors you added make it pop. (mom's always right!)

  3. This is so neat. It reminds me of the Oprah cover from a few months back.

    Have you tried the chalk paints yet?

    I ordered a set for a new little blackboard in my office. I'm really anxious to give them a try.

  4. Very NICE~
    You did a fabulous job.

    I've been thinking of trying something in paints/canvas. Not much of painter..but thought about giving it a try. Your post inspires me! ~Pat

  5. Cute, and it makes for a great header, too!


  6. It looks fabulous! Nice drawing (even with chalk!)

  7. You have great ideas, I love this. I'm following:) I hope you'll share this at my link party, running now through Saturday night! :)


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