Saturday, March 3, 2012

Working with Old Home Quirks and my Stucco/Stencil Cupboard Update.


Living in an old house has some good points,
and some,
difficult points.

 Character is one of the great points.

 I love all the deep windowsills we have
and the old wooden floors.

However, "level" has a way of shifting through the years,
and exact measures in a stone building
 were, perhaps, not such an easy thing.

 How the builders got these monstrous corner stones
up to the heights that they are is pretty mind-boggling.

But I wonder if there were some newer builders in our house's work crew.

This window is why:
The window is straight.
It is the frame that is skewed.

We've had differing opinions on the floors in our house.
One builder told us he did not think they were the originals,
another told us they most likely were.
The way they sway and swoop makes me think
our floors came from Leif Erickson's ship's floor.

Regardless of our aging debate,
the floors make large furniture bend and bow.

When I decided to repaint my husband's grandfather's old tool closet,
 my husband was determined to try to get it to sit level.
Because of the badly swooping floor, 
the doors were not closing right
and large gaps were obvious above the doors.
It was a monumental task that was met with some frustrating improvement
after several hours of shimming, trimming, frowning, growling, scowling,
and a slightly angered Farmer.

I set about to work,
painting all the storage baskets for the top the same color white,
to brighten and unify.

 A few weeks back,
and then adding stucco to them.

 Weighing my options with how I was painting the room,
I went with the idea to ad some color to the stuccoed image...

and then waxed it with light and dark wax.

I also used a watered down wash of the same green paint I used on the 
wall on the opposite side of the living room...

 on just the inset part of the doors.

To the top stuccoed stenciled image,
I just used a touch of dark wax mixed with clear.

Here is that window that is so off.
A deceivingly placed valance has been given the task of hiding
the obvious.

Here is the closet before being touched up:

And here it is now
along with freshly painted walls.

 (I wonder if I pulled out that one shim under the left side of the door
 if it would improve it some...

(Just kidding, Farmer.
You know I couldn't end without teasing just a little.)

Have a super weekend everbody!

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  1. Love what you did with that cabinet! The stucco stencil is brilliant . I have to try it on a cabinet I'm refinishing. Yours is truly a work of art. My house was built around 1875 and I have the same "problem" with everything being crooked ... But that's part of what I love about the house. Your home is lovely.

    1. Well, thanks!! Yes, old homes are a challenge sometimes!! I hope you have great success with your cabinet. :)

  2. Love how that cabinet turned out!

  3. the window made me laugh. but the stone of your home is gorgeous. :)

    1. Yes, I love the stone look! It seems to absorb the cold in the winter, but it's also cooler in the summer. Yes, that window...:S

  4. Good fix on the window! And I LOVE the cabinet.


    1. Thank you for your great advice to ad color to it. I'm glad I did! :)

  5. I know what you mean about level and unlevel. We have the same problem. Our house isn't is a little frame farm house. Sitting on dry farmland in east Texas...the drier it gets the more wonky my house becomes! But some of that is what I like about it.
    I tell people my house is 'living and active'...

    The window treatment works-- and the cupboard looks great! I like the stucco stencil. I've seen people do this on furniture and walls. But haven't tried it myself.

    ~ Pat

    1. Oooo, what patience they must have to do it on walls!! It must look great though!! 'Living and active' house, huh? :) Oh, I relate to that one!!

  6. gorgeous as usual! I love your old house.

    1. Thanks so much!! Wish you and wee man could stop in for a cup of tea! :)

  7. I just found your blog - I love your house! So much character - even the crooked window! I have an armoire similar to yours. I love it -

    1. Thanks for commenting! Yes, I had to beg for that cupboard. It was a real bear to move when we father-in-law was an angel and did it for us. Have you painted yours?

  8. BEAUTIFUL! I love the stenciling....and your beautiful stone house.

  9. What a lovely old home you have. There are so many of them in these parts and I always admire them as I drive by. Great job on the cabinet. Wonderful detail. I am a new follower.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  10. LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! That corner looks so nice and bright! I love your crooked windows and stone house and deep sill and the original wood floors or maybe not so original floors and and and ........ It truly looks lovely. That room looks so great and worth your time! Good Job Farmer on the shimming. I never thought that big pieces would be effected by the floors.


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