Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Hear It.

Warmer days beckon the kids outdoors,
and I follow,
knowing the silent work that lies dormant
is soon to awake.

I head up to the black raspberry patch,
determined to conquer the mess.

 My wagon quickly fills.

The future farmer has lately become intrigued with what I am doing.

The other day he wanted to be lifted up to see how I washed the clothes in 
the washing machine.

I made it sound heaps of fun,
hoping to combine the clothes-washing with a bit of brain-washing.

Pruning was definitely of much more interest to him.

I showed to him the branches,
explaining that we leave them almost as tall 
as the lower level of the trellis;
and that we find the bud that aims along the trellis,
the direction we want the new branch to grow,
 and then prune directly above it.

The new shoot will grow,
 and we'll be able to fasten it to the trellis for support.

"The purple branches are alive,"
I continue.

The brown branches are dead and should be cut off at the ground.

He loses interest after encountering one rather beefy dead shoot,
and I finish off the patch while he prunes
some weaker weed patches.
 The end result is rewarding,
and I dream of the future large black berries
we'll be picking...

soon enough.

my laundry blows dry on the line,
and a nap-ready child has taken up residence in my empty basket.

"Violet, could you hang up this basket of laundry for me?"

 The old branches are placed on the burn pile
for the bonfire Farmer to tend to when he gets home.

The next time I get outside,
I need to get that blueberry patch pruned,
as well as the grape vines 
and apple trees beyond.

I'm thinking I hear spring.
Do you?


  1. very cute little laundry bucket rider...

  2. your Farm looks so beautiful-even before Spring arrives!

  3. What a life! Such Americana.


  4. you are blessed to have that land!! enjoy!
    happy march!

  5. Your land is so pretty and ready for spring. sandie

  6. How fun, I love spring, and get very eager to get out in the garden. :)

  7. I loved this post. Yes, I hear spring (peepers) and yes, I *need* to prune everywhere! My brambles are a mess and my baby fruit trees n grapes could probably use a wee trim by now too. I just hadn't the nerve. Bet my little man will help me exactly the same as yours. Today's the day, THANKS to you.


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