Saturday, July 28, 2012

Decisions: Arranging Pictures on the Wall...


I am not good at them.

For example:
when faced with getting new base cupboards for our kitchen,
I had to choose drawer pulls.

What an overwhelming selection of drawer pulls there are!
How do people decide?
How do indecisive people like myself decide?

So I printed up all my favorites,
cut them out...

and narrowed it down to two that I liked best.

I took a look at the price difference,
and when I found that the darker ones were not only on sale,
but a sale on top of that one,
I made my decision and saved about $40.

$40 here,
$40 there...
it adds up.

It took some time and ink to print/cut out the paper "pulls"
but I think it was worth it to help a visually-needy person like me decide.

On to my recent dilemma:
My living room is almost complete with it's renovation.

(A recent yard sale find was the oriental rug.
It looks like it wasn't even used.
Yay for yard sales!!)

I am very happy with the way the whole living room has come together.

But there is one wall.

I had used it for a school wall,
but we never seemed to stay in this room to do school,
so I painted the top half a lighter shade of the same green on the living room wall
by just adding some white to it.

I looked for too long through blogs and magazines for ideas for this wall.

There are "farming" scenes and elements all around the living room,
so I thought this might be a good wall to hang our aerial view photos of

our farm

the farmette where we lived the first five years of our marriage.

I purchased two small Currier and Ives farm scenes at a discount at an antique store
because the frames were damaged.
I just repainted them (and their mats red),
as well as all of the other frames so that they would look like a more cohesive grouping.

I also had the farm scene that I painted that would be nice in this grouping.

I saw these plastic flowers for $.50 at a yard sale.
They were pink and blue and yellow,
but I turned them all into red.

 The plaque was also a yard sale find repainted.

My predicament was:
how to place all these things on the wall.

I read about cutting paper to replicate picture sizes/shapes and hanging them on the wall
to try arranging.

But I decided to just lay them out right on the floor in front of the wall instead:

 I finally decided on this arrangement:

 I have to say,
it is nice to have pictures on the wall again
instead of maps and children's school work.

Now I have a busy refrigerator.

I feel like,...

 like I like being in my living room.

It's a nice feeling.

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  1. Well done - I love an arrangement like that on a wall - meaningful as well as pretty.

  2. I like the arrangement you decided on. What a perfect way to rearrange pictures! Better than putting holes in the walls like some people :) I must say, I wish I had a wall that looked like your floor! Those pictures looked perfect against that floor. The trim looked like crown molding too :) Thank you for linking this up to Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  3. I understand how difficult it is to make decisions like this. I need to redo a wall, too. My BFF was visiting recently, and I had hoped we could do it while she was here. But we had too much fun visiting Goodwill stores. Your new arrangement looks great.

  4. It may take you awhile to make decisions, but wow, the results are great. I love the pulls and wall is perfect, oh love your living room too!

    Listen, you are welcome to pin anything of mine any time, I am so flattered, thank you!


  5. I like the aerial photos on the wall. I was so happy to see them. I've got a couple of blank walls too. Walls that need touching up, and painted. I also have the aerial photo of our home and the one of my inlaws home in The Ozarks... I've thought of putting them together, but haven't. Seeing yours so nicely displayed gives me inspiration!
    Also...I'm sooo indecisive. Just like you. The paper drawer pulls...very clever.
    Now, if I could just do that with shoes! I don't like buying shoes...too many choices.


  6. Great idea about the drawer pulls. I'm the same is so hard for me to make a decision especially when I know I have to live with it for a long time.

  7. Love this! :) I am new to your blog and wanted to say hi. Dropping by from kelly's korner. :) Erin

  8. I often make my final choices according to cost. It's good to have that tie-breaker!

    And your wall look wonderful!



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