Saturday, October 13, 2012

Baked Chicken and Stuffing

A chicken in the oven is worth 10 in the coop.

Well, maybe not,
but it surely tastes good on a cold fall evening.

We purchase our chickens from a local family who raises them free range.

It is a bit more pricey,
but it's good to know we are eating food that hasn't been
injected with medications to keep it alive.

My mother gave me my stuffing recipe.

It is the best tasting I have ever had...

well, until I had my mother-in-law's.
It ties for first place.

Hers is oyster stuffing.

I usually use whatever bread I have on hand.

This time I used rye and an onion bagel.

Poultry Seasoning.

The poultry seasoning is what makes it.
What herbs do you use in your stuffing?



  1. You are making me hungry with these food posts!


  2. Thanks for the recipes. Makes me hungry every time. Always asking Shawn what he has for lunch cause it smells so good.


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