Friday, October 12, 2012

San Fran Chops "8"

My eyes feel a bit crossed tonight.

I laid down to read my son a book,

(is it "laid down" or "lied down."
I could never get those two straight).
but he's at the point where he wants to read it to me.
There's just something about his sounding it out:
I am certain if I recorded it,
we could sell it as a sedative.

I found myself suddenly being shook,
"Mommy, why aren't you answering me?"

"Hmmm, huh,....what did you say?"

I tried to open my eyes to get a grip on the situation.

"Mommy, what is eee-i-ggggg-hut?"

"Ee-i-g-hut?"  I repeated,
trying to make sense of what he might be trying to sound out.

Nothing came to mind.

A few moments more, and I was shaken again,
"Mommy, wake up.  You need to tell me this word."

"Oh, I am sorry, Levi.  I must have fallen to sleep again."
I pried open an eye, and I looked at the word in question.

  Oh, that's an eight, but it sure looks like it should be  ee-i-g-hut, doesn't it?"

An hour later, here I am,
my eyes still feel like they are crossed.

Can somebody uncross them for me so I can see this screen better?

Yes, so with that in mind,
here is my brief take on this, one of my favorite recipes,
before my forehead falls and hits the ee-i-gg-hut on this keyboard.

(I'm not sure where I found it
but it has many stains on the card from my over-use of it).

Brown the pork chops.

Prepare the Sauce.

Red pepper.
Just a tiny bit gives it that punch of power.

Does any good dish come without sauteed garlic?

The sauce is added to the browned pork chops...

and simmered, with one turning of the chops.

When finished, I love it served on couscous,
but rice or egg noodles would be perfect, too.

This picture does not do this food justice;
so delicious!

I'll likely dream of fixing this recipe.
But that is fine with me,
especially with the amount of work involved in eating in dreams.
The calorie count is nothing to complain about either.
Until next time....
San Francisco Chops

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  1. All right. That's it. I'm going to eat dinner early.



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