Friday, December 7, 2012

A Sugar Bowl Full of Christmas Tree

My Christmas this year is a bit of a challenge
with a 3 year old who is intent on involving herself in every project I attempt
and a puppy who presumes he should do the same.

Do you know how many shredded bits of snowy stuffing I have picked up off the floor,
never knowing which one of the two has done it.

I realized yesterday after picking up the same five pieces on the living room floor about five times
that the puppy was watching me throw it into the trash can
and removing it as soon as I walked away.

So you can see why I decided to concentrate on the fireplace mantel.

I found a silver creamer and sugar bowl for about $1 at a yard sale,
probably because the lid was missing from the sugar bowl.

Wanting to do something with them,
I found cardboard cones left-over from thread I had used up.
(if you don't have a cone, one can be made by wrapping posterboard or heavy cardstock into a cone shape
there is a great cone pattern from Danielle's Place of Crafts and Activities
under her Feathered Christmas Tree Craft for Kids.
(This website has lots of GREAT craft ideas as well as actual lessons
 for Sunday School or home-schooling.
Be sure to check it out!)

I also grabbed some brown wool my sister-in-law had given me from her sheep,
a toilet paper roll,
my glue gun,
and some moss ribbon.

I started by covering what would become the trunk of my tree,
the toilet paper roll,
with the brown wool.
One could substitute anything for this:
a piece of felt,
or just paint it brown.

Next I put some glue on the end
and sat it into the sugar bowl.

The glue from the glue gun did not want to hold it,
so I put a ring around it inside of the sugar bowl as well.
E6000 glue might work for a more permanent hold,
but I wasn't too concerned about it holding fast in case I want to use the sugar and creamer for something else.

I put some white wool around the bottom of it to fill in the sugar bowl
and give a snowy look.

Covering the cone was fun.
There were so many variations that could be done:
jute or heavy jute,

music paper,

yarn, lace, burlap, velvet, flannel,
fun patterned material;
it's endless, really.

But I had purchased some artificial moss last spring,
and thought it would add some variety to the white trees on my mantel.

Glue-gunning worked well for this.

This was an easy craft
that was finished in a small amount of time.

And they are safe up where no little hands or paws can reach them...

I hope.

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  1. Love the moss trees in the silver pieces. :)

  2. Oh, I love these!! They look great on your mantle too! Thank you for sharing this at Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  3. another triumph... thanks for the inspiration!


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