Thursday, December 6, 2012

Paper Origami Stars for My Mantel Swag.

My fireplace mantel was looking like it needed something.

I found this origami star ornament a blogger friend made
and decided I would try making some for my mantel.

They were fun to make, so I am sharing them with you.

 I was a little worried when I started because my attempts at paper airplanes
have been very sad indeed.

But I was determined.

After making three of these stars,
the process became much easier.  I was folding them out like a well-seasoned
department store present wrapper in little time.

Start by having 12 x 12 scrap-booking paper;
cut it into four pieces of 6" x 6".

I took pictures and if you skim down through them somewhat quickly,
it is almost as if you are watching me fold.

Give it a try...


Now open this second fold up:
this makes an X in the middle of the two folds,
that's what you are after.

This lower right hand corner gets folded up so that the bottom corner
hits right into the X you made with the first two folds.

This piece just folded into the center
then gets folded back over onto itself.

 Now the lower left corner gets folded in...

 To line up with the last fold on the right half.

 Now take the left corner piece
and start folding it in toward the center line...

 BUT pick up the first sided fold,

 and fold the second half inside of it to line up with the center.

Then fold the right side over the left side that just went under it.

It should look like this.

 Now get scissors and place on lower half of the folded up star...

 and cut it from the lower edge
up to the upper edge on the left side.

"Wa - La!"

 Open it up...

 Refold the star along the lines so that all the points are coming up on the facing side
and fold down on the back sides.

 Adjust the star with fingers pinching up...

and pushing down on the star while pinching.

I used some thin wire to push through the paper and hang on the jute
(I also spray painted the white ones with silver spray paint.)

Perhaps now that I have mastered the star,
I can move on to grander things like...

Origami castle on display at the exhibition in Umihotaru, near Tokyo, Japan: Model city crafted entirely from paper
Source: The Telegraph: created by Wataru Ito when he became bored during his university entrance exams.

this city: wouldn't my daughters love this;

although my son would prefer something more like this:

 Art, Green Materials, Recycling / Compost, Anja Markiewicz, german art, Nano-Origami, ephemeral art, recyclable paper, biodegradable paper, paper art, paper sculpture, Postdam, origami, origami animals, tiny art,
 Source: Artist Anja Markiewicz folds amazingly tiny nano origami with miniature pieces of paper; these tiny creatures may be purchased.

I would love to accomplish something like this:

Source: by Lisa Nguyen

Although I think my husband would enjoy this:
Source: Money-Origami: Learn How To Make A Money Origami Wreath

But really, I am happy with my origami stars.

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  1. I've been wanting to learn this - tried some tutorials in youtube but no success - dear Daughter knows Origami but is a lousy teacher to her old Mum ;).
    I'll try this when I get home (should be working :D)
    Thank you for sharing! Enjoy The Season!!!

  2. OK! Now... I want to go and try this out! I so want a paper star garland for my living room. OR
    Bedroom. Or the study, or the library...nah! just kidding...I don't have a study or library! I was just dreaming.

    I think EVERY HUSBAND or boy would love a pocket dragon and a ninja star!
    Nice tutorial. I don't have scap book paper...but I have a ton of magazines! I might be making stars a little later on tonight. These would make great package toppers too. a Gift and an ornament.
    --have a good one, Pat

  3. wow, those are so cute! how long did it take?!?!? :)

    You may have heard, but we are giving away a SIlhouette Cameo along with free ad space every week at our link party. Would love if you stopped by!

  4. so cooooooool! i feel like a kid! i just never knew. gotta try.

    hope you will find a moment to stop by and enter a giveaway i am hosting for followers (i hope you win!):

    happy weekend to you!


  5. Yay! We are going to make some this week! I am so glad you posted it on my party! Thank you!

  6. Came over from your feature at Rustic Restorations with Tammy (above) to see these stars. I love the way they look on the mantel. I hope to make some for next year for gift tags. Thanks for sharing a great tutorial.

  7. Love your Star Garland. I am pinning this. I would love to make one for next year. Merry Christmas!


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