Monday, October 14, 2013

Word Game...with Pictures.

There is nothing like a good game around the dinner table.

We were working on one tonight.
Violet thought up a few.
The other two tried, but, 
well, it might be a few years for them.

The farmer even got into it, and he SAYS he doesn't like games...
but we all know how those kind can sneak into the fun.

Here are a few:

Combine feline

and the appendage sticking out back from the torso of an animal.
 What is the answer?


Here's another:

If you combine studiously using the brain

with hat,
what do you get?

Yes, that is a thinking cap.

What about a boy cow

 and an amphibian from the pond.

Did you guess bull frog?

This one might be hard:

 mubbling and stumbling on words...

 and the key above "A."


 Bumble bee.

 Here's another: 

Charlotte, friend of Wilbur.

Duck's feet.

 Spider web.

A couple more:

Eyes closed, body lying down resting.

The faces of flowers
(hint: she changed the beast with a kiss).


 Why, sleeping beauty, of course!
(Two of them, actually.  No beasts here.)

 What do you get when you combine:
the chips in cookies,

 and moo juice.

Chocolate milk.

Alright.  Last one.

This one is three parts:

Combine smiling,

the time of year when we harvest apples and pumpkins,

and addressing a group if you're from the south.

Can you think of any?


  1. turn baby grand = grandbaby can you tell what's on my mind

  2. Great family game, Tonya! I'll have to think about it for a while to come up with one...I'm having brain fog from spending the morning organizing my wool room!

    Hugs, Linda


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