Sunday, September 23, 2012

Important Updates.

Update #1: My son seems to be growing up a bit too much lately.

Update # 2: We had some super surprises at the fair.
Do you see the robin picture on the wall?

Yes, that is a second place ribbon!

AND a second place on her crayon drawing of a little girl.

$6 in prizes made for one happy child.

I was pretty happy for her,
and surprised at my own prizes as well.

My adult and child white ponchos both placed,...

both the picture I painted for my Farmer
and the gourd Christmas ornament got 1st place,...

and my painted gourd and ketchup also won.

$25 in prizes made me pretty happy as well,
especially since I really didn't think I was going to win anything.

Of course, walking around the fair seeing everything is fun in itself...

but it's even better when Grandpa has to ride the dragon roller-coaster because
Levi was too short and had to have an adult ride with him.

I'll admit,
I was glad it was Grandpa who took the ride while I shot pictures.

Update # 3: since my wooden counter is my most viewed blog post
and it has been over a year now since we put it in,
I thought I'd update it's use.

I still love it
and it's still in great shape.

I do wish I had put about 2 more coats of the sealer on it.
I read later on another blog of somebody who put 5 coats on it
whereas I only put 2 or 3.

I will probably have to ad another coat or two in the coming years.

Update # 4:

Yard sale finds have put me into a painting frame of mind.

In other words, I now have filled 90% of the storage shed,
and my husband is not exactly thrilled with the imbalance of occupancy.

Update # 5:

We got a new kennel for Spot off of Craig's List.

I am so thankful for Craig's List.

I came down down the stairs to this the other day.

I'm thinking Spot will not be suffering from loneliness.
Count on kids to figure out how to get in and out of that thing
with the latch the way it is.

I just hope they don't lock me in there.



  1. Love the wooden counter line.

    Hey, the kennel may be the best place, hide and rest.

  2. What is it about kids and cages? My little guy can often be found in the dog's kennel with or without the dog. Sometimes he just drags all of his stuffed critters in there and plays. I dread the day he goes to preschool and tells his teacher he likes to be in Pip's cage!

    1. Isn't it funny the way kids are? What happens in between childhood and adulthood that suddenly makes us conscious of dirt and 'gross'? :)

  3. Thanks for sharing the fair photos. The kids in the kennel had me laughing out loud. Can't wait to see the yard sale finds once you have worked your magic.

    1. Thank you, Tammi. I couldn't help laughing at them in the kennel either. Especially the dog's face. :)

  4. Congratulations to you and Violet on your ribbons! Violet must be very happy as I'm sure you are proud of her accomplishments. I cannot wait to see what you do with what's in the shed!

    1. I'm hoping inspiration starts hitting real soon for the stuff in the shed. :)

  5. Congratulations to everyone for all of your accomplishments! I'd love for you to link up this Wed to our blog hop! You are an inspiration.

  6. Your ponchos are beautiful! How do you find the time to do everything? Do you ever sleep? lol. I really wish I had more time to crochet, I so enjoy it!

  7. Congratulations on all the wins ...those ponchos and painted gourds are so pretty.
    I love your counter tops.
    They look wonderful and rich.

    I LOL at the dog kennel photo...we have some of those with a poultry cage! Kids... ?! what are they thing?


  8. Great Updates!!! You deserve all those ribbons! It doesn't surprise me that you won--you are so talented. What fun! I can't wait to see your furniture :)

  9. Congratulations Tonya & Violet ! I love the look on spots face

  10. Love the pic of the kids in the kennel. It must have been the child catcher from Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang that got them (looks like they went willing).


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