Friday, June 1, 2012

Turning Someone's Trash into My Treasure.

Hello, friends.

Have you ever seen "free" items set out beside the road.

Yes, it is tempting sometimes, isn't it?

Well last Sunday on the way home from church,
I saw this:

 My husband had stayed home to bale hay,
so it was up to me in my Sunday dress to get this thing into the truck.
My daughter supervised.

(She's great at that.)

I had been looking for a small table for the middle of my living room;
my kids have finally reached the point that somebody doesn't dent themselves on a piece of furniture everday.
This seemed perfect.

I wanted something sturdy,
something that could store things and hide them
(like games or dirty children...
okay, that was a joke, although I have to admit,
they seemed to think it was a great place to hide and scare me
when I worked on it this week.)
I also wanted something that could be used for sitting,
in a pinch
as we'd needed more seats at the last Christmas get-together we had.

I was kind of hoping for something a bit more,
but I figured some paint might help.

 How I love Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint!

I only needed one coat of each color to get the job done.

The table had a funny shaped pattern cut into the middle,

so I painted it and used an image from the Graphics Fairy
to bring in the "bird" theme,
like the bird stencil I'd done on the far wall looking into the kitchen.

I used a charcoal pencil transfer,
calligraphy permanent ink,
and then painted it with some acrylic paints.

I am loving the living room now:
the curtains, the pillow, the refurbished lamp shade,
the red and green...

 and now my fun table!

So, if you are the one who set this out for "free",
thank you very much!!!

(For those here from Kelly's Korner's home tour,
if you'd to see the other side of the living room,
you can click >HERE<
and >HERE<

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  1. I happen to have hauled lots of road side treasure home...cane chairs, spindle chairs, wooden ladders, childrens things....never pass it up..cos just as soon as you drive back, its always gone...all your beautiful pieces of hand painted furniture are making such a 'theme' through your home...

    1. Thanks! I HOPE they are working together. :) I'm trying, but kind of feel like something is it throw pillows on the loveseat or a rug on the floor? Something. Nice to know others are rescuing pieces from a dump destiny! :)

  2. Your table turned out fabulous. So creative. I love it. YOur room looks wonderful. Hugs, Marty

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment, Marty!!! What a compliment that you think it looks nice!

  3. That's so sweet! See what being faithful does?

  4. Wow! I wish I could do that to furniture. That's very creative.

    1. Well, thank you!!! I used tape to get the straight lines. I'm NOT good with those!!

  5. How cute! I love the stripes.


    1. Thank you, Sue. I have a thing right now for stripes. They're not my favorite to paint, but tape helps. :)

  6. Wow. The stripes are brilliant!

    This is really, really neat!

    And I always look at stuff beside the road. I seriously need a truck.

    1. Thank you, Jenny! How very nice of you! Yes, trucks are pretty handy.

  7. Tonya, It looks so nice!!!! The stripes really caught my eye. What a great piece and Free!! Who can beat that? I love the way your living room looks.

    1. Thanks, Tammy!! I love free! :) Sorry I didn't get it linked to your link party this week...went to B's graduation. I'll get it on next weekend! :) I need to catch up on reading blogs!!

  8. I love what you did with it, so pretty! I especially love how you are combining red, yellow and green in your living room, such bright "happy" colors!

    Re: your comment, yes it is hard making that decision about what to keep and what to let go. I don't keep much of anything, but even *I* feel a twinge at seeing some stuff go. You can't keep everything, obviously. My siblings are taking some things and that makes my mom happy, as it's been very hard for her to scale down.

    I appreciate your perspective about your grandmother, as I know that my children may want some things that *I* don't want. I have tried to involve them to some extent and ask them, but a lot of the stuff she's been getting rid of right now is knicknack decor and they don't really have any interest in that, lol!

    1. Thank you. I love happy colors. :) Thanks for updating me on your blog post as well.

  9. So pretty! I'm loving the red and green, too- that seems to be how my house is shaping up as well. I love watching you transform the pieces you find, you've got so much talent!

  10. Wow, that is so beautiful.... I would love you to share your post on my WNWNW linky Party, over at


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