Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Ode to my Girth"

"Ode to my Girth"

I suffer from a question
That stumps my muddled brain.
It's a matter of the girth size
After that child-birthy pain.

When maternal journeys started,
And my gut began its growth
I was excused my sudden largeness
"You're all baby," they did quoth.

But once the babe had exited
It's cellulitish home,
I began to seize this matter
Of my empty belly dome.

Sit-ups were followed by starvings;
Extreme, but to little avail.
"Why is this so daunting?"
Became my dressing room wail.

My life is far from slothy.
After all it does seem clear to me:
I burn more energy than ever!
Step inside my life and see.

My floors are riddled with toys.
They breed like rabbits and mice.
The dirt and slobber of children
Add something to life, is it "spice"?

Bending o'er the whole day through,
You'd think I'd have no middle:
See-through, nothing but a backbone;
but nope! Hear that "sorry-for-me" fiddle?

Three flights of stairs in my house
I travel them as if doing laps.
Am I ready for the Olympics?
As a Sumo wrestler, perhaps.

In situations of dire need
I squeeze into my girdle, the foe,
Trying to breathe and move without bending,
And a sneeze will lose me a toe.

My breakfast gets eaten by baby.
Lunch avoids me til three.
Supper is spent fetching tidbits
Whilst everyone is eating for me.

As a child I ate without reason
Yet a stick on a tree was my shape.
Now I avoid or limit while I'm running
no stick-shape now, but a stump (or grape).

So curses to thee, ye fatness.
Thine unrelenting power I'll fight;
But you won't get me down in the dumpsies
When the young 'uns need a mom who is right.

After all what's a hug without softness?
Every cupcake demands a good cook.
A warm mom chases nightmares completely
And her well-cushioned lap for a book.

I will conquer this problem someday...
It has compounded with each new birth.
But the joy of my three little people,
I know it's of far greater worth.

Someday the house will stay clean
And fit, perhaps SKINNY I'll be;
But I know that it won't really matter so much:
It'll be the grand kids that I'll want to see.

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Kellys Korner Blog
Parenting Tip: While it is important to look and feel good about oneself,
there are times when we won't.
Cut yourself some slack
and then get those goals underway
and be happy with each little step.


  1. That is so cute! You look so good!!! It is the sacrifice a woman makes. Oh it is so worth the sacrifice. If we weren't so pressured by what the world thinks we should look like. Notice that those models are always replaced because the body just seems to go down hill: Skin wrinkles, bellies and hips grow, hair grays. You are beautiful! Shawn should definitely be proud of you!

  2. AWESOME poem/post!!! I'm right with ya on allll that. I prefer to call mine a "kitten tummy." I've seen momma cats get left with a soft pouch but get right back to huntin and prowlin w/the best of them... ;-)
    You are soooo talented! Do you have an Etsy shop?
    Thanks for followin me. I'm with you too!

  3. Thanks! You guys are sweet! I'd just like to lose the last of this baby weight, and it's harder than ever before, so it helps to make light of it. :)
    Thank you Leslie. Yes, kitten tummy is a nice way of putting it! :) No, I don't have an Etsy shop but really thinking about starting one; just need to get my thoughts together and do it. Hopefully after Christmas. I see you debate about starting one, too. Some of my friends have Etsy sites so I know it works. I may be contacting them to help me figure it out. :)


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