Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Cardboard Christmas in my Corner.

I have a growing love for vintage things,
but the price of vintage pieces are not always so easy to love.

While looking on Pinterest,
I found myself yearning more and more for these:

(Pinterest:  from TinyWhiteDaisies)

(Pinterest: from WhiteMarketBlog)


(Pinterest: from 2gypsygirls.com)

What fun little houses,
full of colors and sparkles.
They seemed to make anywhere they go
look like a mini vacation. 

(Pinterest: from bhg)

Then I read that there are free down-loadable patterns to make these houses,
and my brain wouldn't leave me alone.

How great is the fact that I can make these sweet treasures
from cereal boxes?!

We have a few of my husband's grandfather's delicate wooden houses
that he put much time and effort into making
(you can see them by clicking >HERE<).

They are a fun heirloom.

I suddenly wanted to have a try at creating a possible Christmas heirloom.

Pinterest: from Afieldjournal.blogspot
(This blog has instructions and sources,
not only for making the houses,
but how to make the old-looking trees as well)

I chose Martha Stewart's pattern since it seemed simple enough.
(Pinterest: from Martha Stewart)

After I gathered my cereal boxes,...

I glued the pattern pieces to the cardboard,
cut them out,
and began to cut the windows and doors out.

I also scored the fold lines lightly,
knowing that the paint would fill in the cuts.

Not having the recommended glacine for the windows,
I rummaged in my kitchen and found some party favor bags
from an Easter sale.

The houses were cut and glued.

I used latex paint mixed 2 parts paint to one part Plaster of Paris.
(I thought the thick paint would fill in the gaps better and make my house stronger.)
I made sure to paint the insides of the house too,
as Martha had suggested.

The glass glitter I used as the final step really completed the look.

Below is the inspiration for the set-up I loved.
I liked how some were on upside-down dishes,
the old look of the cupboard,
the evergreen swag with stars.

I wanted to somehow get this type of look in my house.
(Pinterest: from bhg)

I thought of the shelves in my kitchen:
I never could get a good Christmas look on them.
So I tried to use these ideas there:

Granted, it doesn't look too much like my inspiration,
but I tried to ad those elements I loved:

the fresh evergreen swag,
but I used snowflakes instead of stars,

so they would match the kitchen chandelier.

I debated the most about the colors to use.
I did so love the simple color scheme of just the greens and whites;
but I love bright colors in my kitchen,
so I gave in to my impulses:

I enlarged the house patterns I had downloaded,
a couple different sizes,
so the houses look like they are different,
even though they are just two basic patterns.

I love what they do to my corner in the kitchen.

I hope to make a few more in my lifetime,
maybe something new every year.

(This evening while preparing this,
I discovered another source for three more free patterns over at

To read the history of Putz houses
you can click on >HERE< (Papa Ted's Place).
Papa Ted says they originated in Japan right around the time of the Great Depression.

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  1. This is a fantastic copy cat. You really had some patience and drive to do this project. They really look great, and I am so happy you joined in on the fun. Enjoy!

  2. Those are gorgeous!

  3. I love these little houses, too. I have several antique ones and other more modern ones, but I love them all. I think they are my favorite holiday decorations!

  4. My dear - you are a delight! Thanks so much for posting this! I, too, have seen these sweet little vintage glitter houses so popular in the '40's and have such an affinity with collecting little "cottage" looks. I have a sweet lighted village I have named after my productions company "Pageant Wagon Village". This does look like a great project - I'm pinning this post to my Pinterest! Wonderful inspiration for the joys of home sweet home!

  5. Talented lady and well worth the effort for the look you have created.

  6. those are precious! i can't imagine packing them away for a year (and them not getting smashed!)

  7. Oh, great! Don't even remind me of that!! :S I guess they'll have to find a safe spot in the bottom of my china closet. :) Thanks for all the fun comments! :)

  8. Wow!!! They look like they were worth the work! I love them! I really like the greens in your home. So festive! I also really liked the look of that last Pinterest Pic with the green cabinet. I am not much of a glittery person as you know, but I am lovin the snowy glittery look on those houses.

  9. Boy, did you ever pull these houses off in style! Not that I'm surprised. I knew you would from the moment you started going in that direction...


  10. You did a fabulous job - and you have LOTS of PATIENCE! I think they look as fabulous as all the ones you have pictured - well done

  11. I get all mushy faced over those old Putz houses - and the replicas people have been coming up with are amazing - including yours....I can only imagine how time consuming these would be....Hmmmm....wonder if that's how the term "putzy" came about??? Great display - I'd be tempted to change out the snow for trees and such and keep them up year round! Happy, happy, Tuesday!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  12. Love your houses! You have inspired me to give them a try sometime in the near future (when I am not in the gift making frenzy). Would like to suggest that you try Stampin Up Sticky Strip to attach the pieces together. It amazingly sticks to everything (just be shore you want it where you are sticking it). If you'd like to give it a try I'll send some over for a test run.

  13. You were the most viewed link at Time to Shine!!!


  14. You are my kind of Christmas crafting genius. :)

    So glad I found your project via Centsational Girl.

    I would love for you to visit DTA as I am in the midst of a "Gifts You Can Make" series.

    Be merry and bright!

  15. I too am in love with the vintage looking cardboard Christmas houses. I have a nice collection, but I have always wanted to make some too, I will have to give Martha's pattern a try. I spent the day crafting with cardboard and glitter making a banner, I love making vintage looking decoration. Your houses turned out lovely!! I love the colors you chose and they look perfect on the shelf! :)


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