Friday, November 12, 2010

Real Life Here.

 Do you ever read blogs and wonder,
"How real are these people?"
Nobody's life can be perfect.

But we like to show are lives in a pretty light,


We don't want to show all the fights we referee
and the messes we clean
and the laundry we never seem to tackle.

My oldest daughter is a boss.
My son is a tease.
The baby, well, she seems to be the brunt of it all.

What is it about her cheeks that he

 Levi, now, look what you've done!

 Yes, Lillie,
I agree.
Boys can be mean sometimes.

(And this is where you should be glad that there is no sound to these pictures).

 Do you expect me to not scold you, Levi?

(It would be much easier to do if you weren't wearing that hat though.)

 Speaking of hats,
and costumes,
and wigs.

Somewhere between the altar at the wedding
and the birth of our first child,

my husband changed.

Things I never thought he'd be willing to participate in,
the children seem to be able to make him party to.

Did you do that to Daddy, Violet?

You really ought to let him read his paper in peace.


  1. When do you sleep? You really have the energy. I enjoyed this blog!! :)

  2. I could not help but laugh when I saw your hard working farmer husband, obviously exhausted from his duties, sleeping in the chair with the clown wig! Exhausted from his hard work and yet a delight for his kids! Cute!

  3. I am so glad that I stumbled on this old post! I was just thinking about how my life and house and kids always seem to be in a shambles when everyone else 'seems' to have it all together! Thanks for ministering to my feelings of inadequacy. I love your blog!


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