Wednesday, December 15, 2010

LOOK-OUT!!! Large Lizards Lurk in the Land of Levi's Locomotives

Hey, Thomas,
What are you doing up here on my bookshelf?

Why aren't you on the track with the others?

Oh, I see.  You need a new battery.


We discovered very early that our son is not a matchbox boy,
or a truck guy,
or even too much of a tractor man.

He's a Locomotive man.

The town where we live sets up a nice train display every year around Christmas time,
and our boy would stay there all day if we let him.

So when I discovered that there is a toy version of these trains,
that won't get broken the first time they are touched,
and don't use batteries like candy...
(The remote control ones do: they use 6 AAA batteries and only last about 4 hours!  The regular battery trains use 1 AA battery that lasts a reasonable amount of time: about a week of being used an hour or two a day)

...of course, I looked into them.

I previously showed you my sons beautful room if you click HERE.

But now it looks like this:
We purchased a set for Christmas for him using some money sent for him from my aunts.
I had to get the waterfall/bridge set off Craigs List because it was sold out everywhere.
We got him a few trains and some extra track.

Grandma got him a set as well.

The track can be taken apart and made to travel where it's newest adventure is planned.
The mother or father often has to play help with this part.
I usually redo the track every week or two to peak a new interest.
It has nothing to do with enjoying the trains myself.

Okay, well,

so I like trains, too.

 Levi loves dinosaurs and dragons,
They add to adventure on the tracks.

(I imagine this is the way Levi sees it).

 It's fun to make the trains go in and out and all about.


 This waterfall has a trap door that trains may be directed to;
or the trains may go up off the top of the waterfall.

 Diesel 10 sits at the far end of the track with his menacing claw.
Dangers lurk all around in Levi Land.

This has been the best toy we've purchase.  I can't count how many hours both my son and daughter have spent with it.  To make it more enjoyable, it gets packed up and stored in the attic when springtime comes.  It emerges in the fall when school starts.  This gives me the ability to teach Violet while Levi enjoys the trains again.

Of course, I do get asked countless times when the train is coming back.

If you'd like to see a live video of Levi with his trains,
click the link below
Levi's Locomotives 


  1. Trains are fun ! It's a nice Christmas present .

  2. Diesel is my son's least favorite train. We have a train set too. I hope that he grows to love it the same way your children have loved theirs.

    My L post will be up tomorrow!

  3. Lucky Levi and his Love for trains...
    his mom too :) Fun L post.

  4. What a fun L post... and I guess the love of locomotives and such is in the genes... :-D

  5. Looks like Levi is in Love! Well done!

  6. Oh boy, do I love your floor!


    PS. My grandson was a big fan of trains, too. In fact, Thomas and all that goes with him became his favorite toy for several years. Your photos are darling, and so is Levi.

  7. Time to fill up his Christmas stocking to the brim with BATTERIES!! Good post!!!

  8. I'm your newest follower from the Thursday Blog Hops! Come check out my blog at:

    Have a great day!

  9. Thanks everyone! We do have fun and it's something I enjoy doing with him sometimes. Yes, indeed, he does need a stocking full of batteries! :) Grandpa is always good at gifting them. :)
    Nice to meet you everyone and I'll be sure to check out your blogs too! Have a great weekend!!

  10. My granddaughter just loves the train sets especially Thomas but the boys were never really into them. You have some great photos there.

  11. This is wonderful! What a fun post.

    And I love your bookends and your floor!

    Actually I am in love with your floor. Did you do that yourself?

    What a beautiful family you have.

    I loved this creative and happy stop for Alphabe-Thursday. Welcome to the meme. It was a pleasure having you here.


  12. How sweet! We live near the tracks. Always have. It's a comforting sound! Blessings! and Merry Christmas!~Ames

  13. Merry Christmas to you all, too! Thanks for the nice comments AND the A+, Jenny! :) Yes, my husband and I did the floor. And the bookend is just a rock I painted. It's funny b/c I didn't have any kids when I painted it, and now I have an older girl and younger boy, like on the rock, and they love chickens! We hope to get a coop and get some of our own this spring.
    My son would LOVE to live near the tracks like you, Ames! :) He'd probably stand out there all day waiting for the trains to come by.


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