Thursday, December 30, 2010

Trouble in the Farmhouse

"...that if any would not work, neither should he eat."
II Thessalonians 3:10


 There's been some trouble around the house lately.

 It all started the other week when the kids were nicely playing with their Playdough.

 Everyone was getting along;
it was peaceful and relatively quiet.

Then, it happened.

 I opened the drawer to get the can-opener
and saw this.

Shivers went up my spine as I realized that my cough drop had been nibbled on

by somebody other than myself.
It was obviously the work of a small hairy fellow;
I'd noticed signs of him in the pan cupboard the other day
and hoped he'd made plans to move out when he learned that there were cats around again.

 Apparently, he doesn't like orbit gum;
a "dih-ty mouth" mouse.

 He's not even threatened by my handy hidden water-gun.

I set about my task of eliminating the problem while giving the evil eye...

to the creature under the chair
enjoying the Playdough crowd.

 Not long after,
 I went downstairs to feed the fish
and noticed something different.

No, not the red fish,
the orange bent one.

"Little fish,
why are you crooked?

 "What have you done to your back?
Have you been trying a new swimming style?
Are you getting enough to eat?
Whatever is the matter?"

 I wandered off into the laundry room
and when I came back I saw this...


"SHOO, Cat, Shoo!!!  Don't let Violet see you messing with her fish!
What's wrong with you?

Unless you see that creature crawl up out of that bowl,
grow a string tail and whiskers,
wander upstairs
and start nibbling on my cough drops,

you better leave him alone and go look for something worth catching!"

 Later one evening,
 I entered the office to check my life on the computer screen
and I was stopped by this.

 "Well, now,
excuse me, Cats.
I was just going to relax here now that the kids are all asleep.

You wouldn't happen to want to move over a tad?"

 "Why do I have the feeling that I'm being ignored?"

 "Let me explain something to you, kitty-dear.
We all have jobs on this farm.

The Farmer goes to work,
comes home,
feeds the cows and pigs,
eats his supper,
sees me and the kids,
goes to bed,
and starts it all over again in the morning.



you see what I do all day.

 The oldest kid...
organizes the crew,
bosses the crew,
keeps the crew in line,
does most of the educating of the crew,
helps the Farmer,
helps around the house,
and talks/sings most of the time she's doing it all.

 The son helps the oldest out,
makes us laugh with his quiet humor,
looks after the youngest
and is preparing to be a farmer; albeit, as he says, a "small one:"
he is refusing to grow up...

and that's fine by me."

"The youngest child's task is:
to distribute grins and kisses to all those elder than herself,
keeping us all sweet and happy...

especially the men folk who need a little extra sweetness."

 "I can see I'm not getting anywhere with you tonight.

I suggest you take this discussion to heart.
Any more wayward mice in this house
and you may just find out what the barn is like on cold nights.

Don't say I didn't warn you."

"Now move over
and at least let me squish in with you purring messes."

Something is going to have to be done about these manipulative felines.


  1. I guess your cats prefer the flavor of fish over mice, right?! What a cute family you have!
    Happy REDnesday and Happy New Year!

  2. I'll say. They'd better start earning their keep!


  3. What an adorable post!!! They soo think they rule the roost don't they! Our furry babies certainly do! Hope you had a wonderful holiday season and Happy New YEar!

  4. I really enjoyed the the post!

  5. LOL...and you have cats! 2 cats showed up on my doorstep and I don't feed them. They stay nice and plump and I don't find surprises in my drawers. hehe...just loved the illustrated story. And seeing your sweet children playing with their playdough was an added bonus.

  6. What a cute post! Thanks for the smile.


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