Sunday, January 16, 2011

For Jake's Sake

 I woke up Saturday morning to my Farmer reminding me that I needed to clean the donkey pen.

You see, the donkey is mine and Violet's;

He was a swap with my neices while they train our mini horse
(Click here: "mini horse" to read about it).

So, the donkey is our "responsibility."

 Once the baby was down for her morning nap,
I headed up,
and could see that work was already in progress.

 There he is:
our fine specimen.

 "Hey, Jake,
don't be mad with me.
I'm cleaning it up today."

 "No, Jake.
It's a camera.
It's not edible."

 Violet had a shovel outside the pen.
I'm not too sure what her job in this was...

 but obviously she hadn't done all this.

 My farmer had decided to help me out
"a little."

Such a good man.

 While he headed out with the manure,
I trekked over to the barn to check out the goings-on in there:

(My Saturday Photo Mosaic)

Everybody was enjoying my Farmer's hard work...

 of mucking out and putting in new straw.


 While I was snapping the happiness in the barn,
I assumed Jake was safely in his field.
 which was faulty reasoning.

I suddenly heard the kids yelling for me outside the barn.

I ran out to find Jake in the middle of the road
with our neighbor patiently going around him in his van.

We have such kind, understanding neighbors,
for which I am incredibly grateful.

 Apparently, the site of this garbage bag was just too much for Jake's curiosity to resist.

 "Come on, Jake.
Come see what we did for you."

 "Look how clean and cozy your new bed is."

"Now just try to keep it this way until spring."


  1. What a productive day. I like your new photos on your blog title also. What state do you live in?

  2. The saying is 'a woman's work is never done' and that must be very true for you.
    Thanks for sharing the cute and curious Jake and friends.

  3. That would be a wonderful wish. Great post and mosaic. Have a great week.

  4. Lucky Jake to have his place so clean and fresh. Hope he can keep it that way. :)

  5. Great mosaic...I loved your description of your day!!! Have a great week!!!

  6. I'm tired just from looking at all the hard work you have done.

  7. Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog! I really appreciate them!

    I had a great time looking through your posts and life on the farm. Such wonderful pictures!

  8. Jake is a handsome donkey. Not a pleasant job but one that is no doubt appreciated by Jake and the others! Wishing you well! Cathy

  9. Jake is very handsome and I'm giggling about *keep it this way until spring*!!! Good luck with that! Pretty kitty and I love cows ... I think it's their eyes!!!!

  10. hehehe! Yeah, I don't think you'll make it till Spring for the next clean up! Jake is adorable!

  11. Jake is adorable and I'm sure he is happy now with his clean place. I love your farm animals, very cute photos.

  12. Brrrr. It looks cold out there!

    I loved hearing about that cute Jake. And I like thinking of him in his clean spot.


  13. Ha! I love it! That used to be my job when I was around ten years old... luckily we only had two horses by then. Looks like everyone was happy to have a nice clean bed. :)

  14. Thank you for your comments everyone, and visiting Jake and us. :) Michaele, we live in Pennsylvania. Have you ever been here? I'd like to visit out West someday.
    Yes, doubtful that things will stay fresh til spring. :)

  15. A lot of photos from your surroundings. I like the donkey.

  16. Jake is a fine donkey and you are lucky to have Mr Farmer help you out! Great photos:0)

  17. What fun photos and a sweet Mr Farmer to help with your chores.

  18. Cool photos, lots of work! I see a pig snout:@)

  19. Now this is what I call sharing your pet partay! Jake is so expressive, I have to say LOL!!~ Gosh I loved this post. Thanks for sharing it with us all.

  20. Stopping by from Debbiedoos. Jake is a cutie! Loved all the pictures!

    Lori : )
    Thrifty Decor Mom

  21. How cute and that is great for kids to grow up on a farm with responsibilities.

  22. Well I just had to click in from the pet party to see who or what belonged to that nose! What a great post, my Mom grew up on a farm and although she doesn't really have fond thoughts, she said it was a hard life, I am fascinated by farm life. thanks for sharing


  23. Terrific mosaic, and I don't miss cleaning stalls or barns:) Miss the animals though:) Jake is handsome!

  24. What a wonderful way to raise your kids and jake! Love this post!

  25. I don't miss cleaning stalls in that weather! But, I might do it for Jake. He is a cutie!

  26. Jake is very cute! I didn't realize donkeys were that cute. What a wonderful life you have out there, your kids are lucky!

  27. He's one handsome donkey! Loved reading about him, glad you have good neighbors and that he was safe & sound after the garbage bag siren! :)

  28. I'm visiting from the pet party and have gotten lost wandering all over your other posts. I'm in love with Jake--something about donkeys that get me every time. Your life seems very happy even though there is so much work on a farm. Your kids are precious too. I am going to follow so I hear more about life on a farm. Linda

  29. Oh, I want a Jake- he is too adorable- I never saw a spotted donkey before-very handsome.

  30. I love Jake!! Of course, I'm not cleaning up after him either. LOL

    Love the picture mosaic!! :)

  31. oh my gosh, how cute! those pictures with the piggy snouts. jake is adorable, i'm so glad i stopped over here from debbie's party.

  32. I loved seeing the animals on the farm! Glad Jake didn't become "shake-n-Jake" Lol! Good neighbors are the best! Vanna

  33. Sounds like an eventful day at the farm. I read your post on the mini-horse too. I always wanted one, but I'll wait to see if yours can be trained first. Although I have heard that people use them for guide animals.

  34. I'm your newest follower! Found you at teh pet link up! I've always wanted to live on a farm! (Spent summers at my grandparents cattle farm.) I will live vicariously through your blog now! Thanks for linking up!

  35. cute post, great animals and what a wonderful farm you have.

  36. I'm your newest follower. Hi! I'm a farmer's wife and I love to paint (but we paint in very different styles). I'm crazy about your donkey. How adorable! Stop by my blog when you get a chance and say hello. Have a great weekend.

  37. Oh how I LOVE Jake. He reminds me of our Andy. I love your farm--it’s wonderful and your photos are great. Your little girl is adorable--what a great home you have your for your children. They will have wonderful lives growing up this way. So happy you joined FF Friday too.
    Have a great weekend new friend,


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