Saturday, February 19, 2011

...And Now for an Update.

I have been lost the past few days in warm breezes,
melting sunshine,
mud puddles,
plant catalogs,

child's play.
 I had to join my son in creating the longest Playdough snake
in Playdough history...


our Playdough history anyway.

 I've been dealing with Miss Spiff.

I'm not sure if she is teething,
going through an independent stage,
desires to be as grown as the crew who are out and about in the sudden spring weather,
or all of the above.

But I've been dealing with some impressive attitude coming from this little creature.
Her attire on this day so expressly fits her.

Speaking of spring weather,
the Fairy Princess wandered out to the field and leashed up Jake for a royal walk.
I was beckoned to attach the saddle to the creature so that Levi could be commanded
to join in her fun,
but the saddle is in need of some repair.

So Jake (and Levi) was spared the ordeal.

For now.

 Keeping this kid's focus on school in this sudden warm up
had been a full time job for her porch-sitting mother,...

lost in the plant catalog


 every country kitchen book and magazine
on the premises:
My Farmer gave me a Christmas/birthday present of a new kitchen base cupboard.

 This one is literally crumbling.

So I've ordered an unfinished oak cabinet through an Amish builder.

I will need to decide how to finish it.

The counter top is also wood.
I will need to finish it also.

If you have any suggestions
I am VERY open to them.


 My sister has been after me to post some pictures of our grand project.

We have wanted to close in this back porch for years now...
 and the opportunity has arrived!!!

I'm still in shock,
in awe,
in amazement!

 So, here is the progress so far.

 We always eat out here in the warm weather
because there is such a beautiful view
and much more space than our kitchen.

I'm hoping we can get a pull-out couch or futon,
so if we get far-away guests,
they'll have a nice place to sleep.


 Seeing this view and the cheerful light,
I'd like to move out here myself.

 One last update before I go:

I started this project a few weeks ago:

It is almost done.

It's been a little more work than I expected.

Here is a peek of it so far:

I am excited to have reached 100 followers,
so I'll be posting a give-away in the next week or so,
depending on when I finish it.

Better get back to that catalog work now.

Have you been immersed in any gardening catalogs lately?


  1. Wow, that cabinet looks amazing!!! Hope I'm able to come a visit the Shato Farm B & B soon!! Wink, Wink!! That view is splendid!!

  2. I see a few mistakes..I meant to say, I hope I'm able to come FOR a visit AT the Shato Farm B & B soon!!

  3. Oh you are going to love that addition! I can almost feel the warm. I love the stones on your house too!

  4. Oh, Tonya, Tonya, Tonya!!! I simply LOVE the porch and ALL the windows! It's just gorgeous!!! Maybe I'll stay there when I come in May :) :) :) (Mom would NOT like that!!) I love it!

  5. When I see your house I really miss PA. the porch looks great! Is your Dad doing it?

  6. That closed in porch is awesome. Love the windows. I couldn't find your email so I am emailing you back here. You asked about textures. I did them through photoshop elelments. Kim Klassen Cafe blog is the best at explaining it. I think Sharon at Keen Inspirations has used Picasa and textures, but I am not sure how she did it. I think she has a post about it. Can't wait to see your finished sunroom.

  7. Yes, It looks great! That's fine that you stay there. But I will too! Tell Shawn Tonya! I love the picture of Miss spiff. That name definately fits her. Who set up all the animals on the couch? Violet? I have been looking at catalogs. Mostly interested in blueberries. Do you know what brand are good? What kind do you have? Did you get any last year? Rosey had some when we went to her house last year and they looked good.

  8. I am going to feature you is my Marvelous Monday series. Check it out Feb 21.

  9. That is going to be a wonderful addition!


  10. Thanks everybody! The porch is coming along great! No, my dad isn't doing it; not really his thing. :) It would be fun to have some guests here!
    Thank you for the info, Tracy. Sorry about my email not working. I'll have to see what the problem is with that. I need to update some things on my blog and just haven't made the time yet. Thank you, though. I know you are pretty busy yourself! I'll look up that info.
    Thanks, also, MMB! :)

  11. I absolutely love the back room you are building-it will look great on your house. I know it will be filled with sunlight. Love the cabinet too-wow! You are so talented lady :)

  12. Can't wait to see the finished projects! I think any guest would love sleeping in your porch - you've got some gorgeous views out there. Maybe it's the warm weather bringing out the difficults in the littles. We've been having similar issues here!

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  14. Your blog was mentioned today by Melanie at Creative Art & Design’s Marvelous Monday

  15. Wow, everything is beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing at the Winter Blues Wednesday party. Hope to see you again next week.


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