Friday, March 25, 2011

The Big Rescue with SPRAY PAINT

I rescued this from the second hand store.
It was sitting there,
full of cemetery plastic artificial flowers
looking forlorn
and lonely in it's outdated outlandishness.

My mother even looked disparagingly as I placed it in the cart
(but that might have been because I take too long looking at everything).

I'm sorry I'm so indecisive.
But that's okay, because she shops with me anyway.
Such good family I have.

I picked up this.

I thought this might look fun on the porch we are finishing off.

I'm having greens and teals out there,
so this would be perfect!

After sanding it,
I grabbed the nearest available item to spray paint on,
(thank you, kids)
and let her have it.

Three coats later,
and a few days to make sure it was dry,
and I have to admit that I painted and then wiped off
some watered down black paint all over it
 just to make it look a little old.

I scrounged up some moss out in the yard,
some pinecones,
and a variety of branches.

I used the pinecones as space fillers;
I just set them in there loose,
in case I change my mind and want to redecorate it.

I refrain from the glue gun unless it's absolutely necessary
(plus, I seem to get myself all tangled in webs that I find
for three days after I use it).

The moss was pushed in on the pinecones...

...and then the branches were randomly bedded in.

I had looked for some birds at the antique store,
but then decided to just make some of my own
using some clay.

I shaped and painted some eggs while I was making the birds.

I like the rough stone look of this spray paint.

Now I can't wait for the porch to be finished!
It's fun to have things ready to decorate with
especially when it's a rescued, unique piece
full of the prospect of clay baby birds.

Okay, well...

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  1. Good gosh girl is there nothing you cannot make? Those are so much better than you would ever find in a store!

  2. That is cute! So glad you enjoyed using color. I thank you for joining in on my spray paint party. Enjoy, it's small enough to make some rounds.

  3. You did a great job with this. Someday I'm gonna try clay.

  4. I LOVE IT!! That turned out so pretty and I love the display in it!!

  5. Tonya, that it great! I really thought that was a hopeless case but you did an amazing job. I LOVE the birds and the moss. And the paint job. Now I want to look for one the next time we go!

  6. Wow! That looks terrific. Makes me think maybe I need to give some of those outdated things a second look when I hit the goodwill.

  7. Love, love, love this. What a lovely spring decoration. You're very creative.

  8. that's FAB! nice job!! :)

  9. This is so impressive to me. I LOVE what you did. Absolutely charming.


  10. Awwww - - - very cute indeed, in its renewed form.

  11. I love the birds and nest with eggs, their seems to be a lot of french style, bird crafts out there now a days even in stamping. I love the no black of white rule. I have a mirror with frame I have been wanting to change out, but maybe I will just paint it. Thanks for finding me on blog frog, I need to get over there more often. Have a blessed day.

  12. What a beautiful makeover!! Love the new spring look. The birds are beautiful.

  13. You did a fabulous job and what impresses me the most is those little birds you made. Very lovely.

  14. I can't believe you made those bird on your own! Too cute! It's an amazing transformation. :)

  15. Thank you kindly for all your great comments. It was a really fun project to do!

  16. That is absolutely charming! I love the elements you added and your birds and eggs are wonderful.

  17. This is wonderful! I love that you actually MADE the birds too!

  18. What a great idea! Works great for spring!


  19.'s fantastic! You really brought out the potential of this lantern. The birds and eggs are so sweet!

  20. so cuteeee!! you're so crafty! loving the cute birdy and eggs! x

  21. that is perfect. the paint color is so pretty, i love the way you decorated it with the nest and bird, a couple of my fave things. thanks for linking this to my party!

  22. What an amazing transformation. So cute with the birds, sticks, and moss. Very clever indeed.

  23. I LOVE this! Its PERFECT for you to Link up at my Linky PAR-TAY,

    Whassup Wednesday!!!

    And I have a party button you can grab so your friends can come too:)



  24. Wow! It turned out great! I'm with your mom on this one....I wasn't so sure. LOL

  25. Amazing!! I seriously love everything about it! My mother looks that way at me as well when we go shopping. In fact, just this afternoon, she called my various projects "kind of strange", but I love them, and they fit my house! And yours I'm SURE will fit your house!!

  26. That is just darling! Has your mom seen it yet? :-) You did a great job and I'm so glad you linked this up to Inspiration Friday this week!

  27. That is soooo cute! Good for you to see the potential in that one! It's adorable!
    home sweet nest


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