Monday, March 7, 2011

Priceless Simplicity

When I woke up this morning and came down to the kitchen,
I saw this.
My farmer and Violet must have had breakfast together and were up at the barn feeding the animals.

Violet is the oldest:
She's the boss.
She's opinionated.
She's the tattle tale.
She's quick and helpful.
She's super smart, and absurdly competitive.
She's the watcher, the questioner, the thinker.

And she's also
the queen of celebrations.

When there is a birthday, anniversary, or holiday of any kind,
she's planning for it and counting down the days til it comes.

She already has her April fools jokes thought out
and tried a few of them,
which I have to remind her
aren't so funny if they aren't on the actual day.

She had this card made for my Farmer 3 weeks ago
when she found this old work patch
in the cloth bag of clothespins.
She had it all figured out last night,
her dollar store gifts carefully wrapped,
that she was going to get up with her dad this morning for his birthday.

My farmer told me he was awake when he heard her stir out of bed,
but he lay as if still sleeping.

She crawled through our room to check that he was still asleep,
tip-toed down the stairs,
got the bowls, cereal, milk, spoons out,
and when my Farmer came down,
she had breakfast ready and ate with him.

He was told to open his card,
and then he was given his gifts.
He unwrapped his watch, his gas grill fire starter, and his bag of pretzel M+M's.

It was still very early,
so my Farmer and she went down and watched an episode of Daniel Boone together
before they headed up to the barn to feed the animals.

It was raining...
and seeing her and her sweet kindness coming down the driveway
a few steps ahead of her dad
made me tear up
just a little
at what a kind-hearted person she has become.
It seems like just yesterday she was in her daddy's arms
 looking out the door at the farm in her diapers.

She had wanted to buy a card for his birthday,
I don't think Hallmark's could compare:

The love of a child:
a restless night of waiting for morning
for two bowls of cheerios,
some thoroughly taped gift packages,
and a card of pink and black child's handwriting
that has waited in her secret treasure drawer for weeks.

Priceless simplicity.

Happy Birthday,
Daddy Farmer.

"Even a child is known by his doings,
whether his work be pure, and whether it be right."
Proverbs 20:11

Raising Homemakers



  1. What a sweet girl! And a sweet post! Happy Birthday to your farmer!

  2. Happy birthday to the Farmer! Too precious! I had tears in my eyes! :o)

  3. Happy Birthday to your husband, what a wonderful moment from childhood to cherish.

  4. Oh my! That made me cry! What a sweet girl!

  5. I loved reading this, and I thank you for sharing it.

    Those homemade cards are always the best. And a thoughtful child is a treasure.


  6. This made me cry. And I don't cry....much.

  7. Priceless!!

    Have a God Filled Day

  8. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing in such an eloquent yet powerfully simple way. ;0)

  9. stopping by from HHM and think this is real cute :)

  10. Priceless is true. This one made me cry. Your farmer is wonderful - providing and loving for the family. And your daughter - lovely and kind - giving of herself to her daddy as she one day will do for her husband.

    She has had a wonderful example - I'm sure!!!

    Thank you, again, for linking up to Domestically Divine. I always enjoy passing by here.

  11. Beautiful post. Sweet little girl you've got there who knows how to show appreciation to her daddy.

  12. She sounds like quite an amazing girl! Love her thoughtfulness!

  13. Oh, this is so precious! My kiddos are still tiny, and sometimes I wonder if they can possibly get any sweeter. Your post reminds me that I have so much to look forward to! Thank you for sharing your lovely daughter with us!


  14. Aw, how sweet is that? I love watching my little one grow up and become her own person and such a sweet one at that. You must be so proud of your girl! she sounds very creative and independent! Great things to be!~

  15. What a lovely vignette! I adore the pink umbrella.

    Have a wonderful Fat Tuesday!

  16. Thank you for all your comments. I'm glad you felt the moment as I did. :)

  17. Lovely! What a gift it is to have such a caring child. Blessings!

  18. That is so very precious! What a lovely start for your farmer's birthday!

  19. AAHH this made me cry a little girl and her Dad she is a very special girl. I love the card.B

  20. Absolutely priceless. I was a Daddy’s girl too--such a sweet thing for a little girl. Warmed my heart :)
    Thanks for sharing with FFF!

  21. Very beautiful. Such a sweet post.


  22. I cried!! So sweet your daughter is!


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